General Hospital Commentary January 7, 2024


The GH Story That Needs Nikolas Cassadine the Most

Ava and Esme still have unfinished business with Nik.

General Hospital Commentary January 7, 2024
What should Nikolas get involved with first on GH?

Nikolas Cassadine fled General Hospital when his ex-wife Ava, and her friend Austin left him for dead. We know he is alive. Laura knows it, Ava and Spencer also know. It’s now time for Nikolas stay in Port Charles. If not his presence, then his attention is needed for several stories.

Nikolas Cassadine: Boredom Buster

Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), and Finn (Michael Easton), are taking a nap. Liz helped Nik keep Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) prisoner. Nik could repay the favor and save her from this boring situation by romancing Esme himself.

Ace in the hole

Nik should meet his son if not for that. Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), if he is there for Ace, may drop his obsession with Trina and spend more quality time with her (Tabyana Al). This is what we call a win-win situation. Nikolas might also want to consider changing the name of his son. Prince Ace, who has heard of him? He should have a more regal name, like Prince Alexander Constantin Eduardo. Ace is still a good nickname.

Loose Ends

Nik (Maura West), and Ava have unfinished business. Do they still love each other? Are they still in love? They want to make each other miserable. Do they really want to stop this? After they have had their discussion about the incident where they hit him over the head and assumed he was dead, anything is possible.

Crime Doesn’t Pay

We can’t imagine Esme not wanting revenge on Nik now that she has her memories back. Revenge he totes deserves. Esme could at least threaten to expose him if he didn’t comply with her wishes. If he exposes her, she can take him down along with her. Nik treated her just as badly as Esme did to Joss and Cam. He’s got pay if she has to. Even if she doesn’t.

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