General Hospital Commentary January 9, 2024


“The Big Challenge GH Faces Bringing Back Steve Burton Again

Jason Morgan has less waited for Jason Morgan to do in Port Charles this time.

The idea of bringing Steve Burton back to General Hospital is thrilling, amazing and everything that people who love the series have been hoping to see since Jason Morgan was left for to die in a tunnel that collapsed under Cassadine island in 2021.

General Hospital Commentary January 9, 2024
Steve Burton as Jason Morgan.

Steve Burton: The Return Take 2

It’s not an infrequent occasion that Burton is expected to return in a flash of glory. His last return was so impressive that the bar has been set extremely high. It’s going to be a daunting task to duplicate the show-stopping razzle-dazzle to match the scale and impact of the intricate script written by the former chief writer Jean Passante and Shelly Altman and even get even close to achieving the same level of success.

Fantastic First Time

Viewers will, of course will remember how amazing Burton’s return to the show in 2017 was. In the past, Billy Miller was playing “Jason” at the time, not knowing that it is actually Drew’s twin Drew and that his memory was removed and replaced with the memories from his twin brother. Drew’s entire world was thrown into turmoil when Jason was drugged and imprisoned in an out-of-state clinic during five long years got out and was released in Port Charles, and triumphantly returned to his life.

Each and every step of the expertly planned plot was captivating beginning with Jason finding out that Sam (Kelly Monaco) was gone and the couple reuniting at first in 5 years. Then there was the tense gun-drawn first encounter to Sonny (Maurice Benard) and emotional reunions with his best friend Carly (Laura Wright) and his children, Danny and Jake. Each scene was more captivating than the one before it.

What Is the Love Story?

It’s going to be challenging for GH to write the above in a way that incorporates new twists and beats. There’s also the fact that there’s not a big romantic reunion for Jason and viewers of GH this time. The biggest benefit was Jason as well as Sam finally coming back together. It unfolded beautifully over several months until they were finally united.

in 2024 Jason returns to discover that his former lover, Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) is dead. In the meantime, for a baffling reason, the writers of the show have ruined the character’s connections between Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) and Sam who were both forced to take care to wash off his body several years ago. However, the soap is a soap, which means that Jason and Sam might be attracted to each other once more. There’s also that Carly (Laura Wright) of the show because she’s along with her twin brother Drew (Cameron Mathison). However, regardless of the outcome Jason’s 2017 GH return is sure to be difficult to follow.

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