General Hospital News December 25, 2023


In Memoriam: Kamar de los Reyes, One Life to Live Star, Passes Away at 56

General Hospital News December 25, 2023
Kamar de los Reyes.

The world of entertainment mourns the loss of beloved actor Kamar de los Reyes, best known for his captivating portrayal of lawman Antonio Vega on the soap opera One Life to Live. The news of his passing was confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter on Christmas Eve, revealing that the actor succumbed to a brief battle with cancer at the age of 56.

Kamar de los Reyes had an illustrious career that extended far beyond his soap opera roots. Born Luis Ruben De Los Reyes on November 8, 1967, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he was immersed in the entertainment world from a young age, thanks to his father’s profession as a Cuban percussionist. His journey in the limelight began during his senior year of high school when he made his acting debut in The Fantastiks.

The late actor’s breakthrough came in 1989 when he secured the role of gay Irish Mexican boxer Pedro Quinn in the Off Broadway play Blade to the Heat. However, it was his role as Antonio on One Life to Live from 1995 to 2009 that truly endeared him to fans. Antonio’s transformative journey from incarceration to becoming a lawyer and cop showcased de los Reyes’ moving and mesmerizing acting skills.

Beyond the soap opera realm, Kamar de los Reyes left an indelible mark with roles in various TV series and films. Notable mentions include his portrayal of the villain Raul Menendez in Call of Duty video games, his part in Oliver Stone’s Nixon, and his appearances in ER, Sleepy Hollow, and The Rookie.

In a heartfelt statement, Nkechi Okoro Carroll, showrunner of All-American, paid tribute to the late actor, expressing the devastation felt by the All-American family. De los Reyes had been a cherished member of the cast, bringing love, light, and joy to the set, even during his final days.

Kamar de los Reyes’ impact extended beyond the screen, touching the lives of those he worked with. Colleagues, such as Lilly Melgar, remembered him as a special soul with unmatched talent and depth. Melgar shared her grief on Instagram, emphasizing the fragility of life and expressing pride in the man de los Reyes had become.

The actor is survived by his wife, Sherri Saum, whom he married in 2007, and their three children, Caylen, Michael, and John. Despite his untimely departure, Kamar de los Reyes will be remembered for the passion, kindness, and generosity he brought to both his work and personal relationships.

As the entertainment industry reflects on the loss of this gifted actor, Kamar de los Reyes’ legacy will undoubtedly endure through the numerous hearts he touched and the timeless characters he brought to life on screen.


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