General Hospital News December 26, 2023


“Maurice Benard Spreads Christmas Joy in the Latest Episode of ‘State of Mind’

In a heartwarming departure from the norm, General Hospital star Maurice Benard broke the rule of never working with kids or animals in the recent installment of his YouTube video podcast series, ‘State of Mind.’ Benard delighted fans with a festive surprise, offering a glimpse into the holiday season through the eyes of children—specifically, the young actresses who portray his onscreen daughters and his own granddaughter.

General Hospital News December 26, 2023
The GH star had a very special episode of his show for the fans.

Titled ‘Maurice Benard: A Special State of Mind,’ this not-to-be-missed episode may be short, but it is brimming with joy, especially as the show returned after a brief hiatus. Benard welcomed Ava and Grace Scarola, the talented actresses who play his onscreen daughter Avery, along with their older sister Sophia and Scarlett Spears, who brings Donna to life on screen. Adding to the charm was Benard’s granddaughter Tiana (TT), a familiar face to the actor’s social media followers. Additionally, a surprise appearance by Flower, a black and beige Pomeranian, added an extra dose of cuteness to the proceedings.

The charismatic host engaged the young talents with questions about their Christmas wishes and their most cherished past gifts. Viewers are encouraged to watch the episode to discover the heartwarming responses, which are likely to resonate with parents everywhere. Amidst the laughter, the conversation explored a variety of topics, including a shared love for Barbie and profound reflections on life.

Benard delved into the dreams of his young guests, with Taylor Swift making a notable appearance in the discussion. The episode offered glimpses into personal details, such as insights into Benard’s wife Paula’s culinary skills, lesser-known facts about Benard’s father, and much more. The 24-minute episode was not only entertaining but also provided an intimate look into the lives of these young actresses.

From inquiries about what brings them happiness to eliciting their unique senses of humor and incredible hearts, Benard skillfully navigated a variety of questions, ensuring a delightful and memorable experience for viewers. In just 24 minutes, this episode of ‘State of Mind’ is guaranteed to bring joy to all who tune in.”


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