General Hospital News February 1, 2024


Exclusive: The Way Austin Jay’s longing during Lockdown led to GH’s Gut-Punch Sprina Love Song

Trina’s heart will continue to be with Spencer Cassadine.

As is evident in the stunning music montage that is featured in today’s General Hospital episode, Trina and Spencer have a heart-warming love story. Musician Austin Jay, who composed and performed “Things You’ll Never Know,” was interviewed by SoapsSpoiler.Com exclusively about how his song was used in the love montage Sprina.

General Hospital News February 1, 2024
Austin Jay sings a new song for Spencer and Trina.

Austin Jay: A Love Song for Sprina

Jay isn’t a regular GH watcher, and his mother, Charlotte Gibson, is one of the show’s writers. When the story urged Trina (Tabyana Ali) too long to see Spencer’s (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) return to safety, Gibson thought her nephew’s song would be a good fit for the story.

“Paul Glass, Director of Music Production, Supervising GHas well as the people from ABC considered that the song was the perfect match with regard to its water theme and music. I got the call, and I was so pleased because I’ve had a lot of pleasant memories from seeing the program,” he recalls.

Jay not only sang “Things You’ll Never Learn” but he also composed and performed the music for the song. “That song was written 100 100% direct from…from my soul,” Jay says. “I composed [“Things You’ll Never Know”at the time of the lockdown that was taking place during the pandemic. I was feeling lonely and lonely. I was writing more speedy songs. I was looking to create a ballad one about the feeling of being alone.

“Being without someone” is what Trina feels right now. Spencer appears to have met his demise as he tried to save her life from the evil Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). “I am thinking of the scene from Titanic in which Rose (Kate Winslet) was begging the ships to return. It’s a feeling of despair. You’ll keep trying but nothing is working. It sounds depressing, but that’s the way I was thinking about. It’s a sad feeling of longing. There’s something positive about the feelings that you feel however, you will not be able to spend time with the person you love.”

To find out more on “Things You’ll Never Learn,”. “I’m on Spotify and all other streaming platform,” the singer says. He also notes that “Things You’ll Never Know” is the “most streamed track has ever been released by me. I’m happy that I’m beginning performing more. I’m planning to go on a number of tours dates this year, and I’ll be performing many times. I’m extremely grateful to the people who appreciate my live performances. My songs are, according to my fans, cathartic. I’m thrilled and so eager. I’m grateful to have this opportunity, and also for new listeners to this song. 


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