General Hospital News February 12, 2024


Exclusive: ABC President Says Network is ‘Deeply Committed’ to General Hospital

ABC is delighted to include GH as part of their lineup.

Craig Erwich, President, Disney Television Group, met with about a hundred of TV journalists in Pasadena, Calif. over the weekend to answer questions regarding Disney+, Hulu, and ABC in the course of the winter press tour. SoapsSpoiler.Com exclusively caught up with the executive after the Q&A session and got his opinions about General Hospital.

General Hospital News February 12, 2024
60 years of GH.

Craig Erwich: A General Hospital Check-Up

GH not just was celebrating its 60th anniversary in the last year, but the show also received some awards. The show was awarded the statuette of Outstanding Drama Series at the 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in December. It also appeared on the list of 100 of Variety’s Greatest TV Shows of All Time which ranked as 88th.

“[GH is] absolutely a tremendous pride for us,” Erwhich says to SoapsSpoiler.Com. “The show has been running for over 60 years. This is an incredible feat. The best part with General Hospital is that it’s constantly on. This gives us the chance to delight, entertain and delight viewers on a regular basis. It’s a joy to have an audience that has been watching the show for over 60 years and are now watching it with their children and grandchildren.

“Because the stories are on, on a daily basis, they just become a part of people’s lives — and that’s the goal of ABC,” the host declares. “We’re deeply invested in the show. You’ve seen how we celebrated our 60th anniversary by presenting General Hospital: 60 Years of Stars and Storytelling]. We do this because that we are extremely happy with. We are dedicated to General Hospital.”


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