General Hospital News February 2, 2024


The Reasons temp Joss, Courtney Fulk, is a worthy candidate for a permanent spot on GH

Imagine all the roles in GH she could take on!

General Hospital News February 2, 2024
Courtney Fulk has done a great job.

As actor Eden McCoy was mourning the tragic loss of her mother, Courtney Fulk stepped into the role of Josslyn Jacks in General Hospital. She was a master at her job, particularly when faced with the heart-wrenching scenes such like Adam’s suicide and Bobbie’s attempt to commit suicide. Fans are thrilled to get McCoy returning, which will be on February 2, 2015, Friday but we’re not willing to see Fulk go.

The Time Before

There’s a precedent for this type of sleight-of-hand. In 1985 Kevin Bernhardt assumed the role of Frisco Jones, while Jack Wagner was indisposed. To acknowledge his services, The Powers That Be made up the character as Kevin O’Connor just from him. A mild-mannered Kevin was revealed to be an infamous psycho killer. Actors love these kinds of sexy roles. Even if they’re not destined to last long.

The Other Time

Recently, Chloe Lanier made such an impression as her younger counterpart to Bobbie as well as Luke’s (Anthony Geary) not-so-known sibling, Pam, that she returned a few months later, to portray Nelle who was actually Carly’s (Laura Wright) long-lost type of sister and Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) actual long-lost daughter also Joss’s secret donor of kidneys. Yes, Nelle was revealed to be a psycho. However, actors adore these kinds of roles that are a feast for the eyes. Even if they’re not destined to last for a long time.

Three Times is the Magic

Fulk merits the exact treatment as the other patients. She might be a relapse victim of her coma Lulu. Yes, she’s too young to be a part of the show but the concept of time isn’t a thing in soaps. For example, an older Georgie. Fulk is only 18 years older than Kirsten Storms who is Maxie and is therefore able to be easily done in soap terms.

She might be a return of California Emma Scorpio Drake, in the event that Brooklyn Rae Silzer, at 17 years old, is considered too young to be a genuine mature storyline. Perhaps the other of her (Avery Kristen Pohl) before unspoken adopted siblings. The thing is, we’re in need of Fulk to remain. Fulk doesn’t have to be psycho!


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