General Hospital News February 21, 2024


General Hospital Preview: Deception and Shaky Alliances

The drama is heating up at Port Charles.

The next episode of General Hospital, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, you can count on this episode to showcase an exciting new beginning and also the possibility of the ending of a powerful alliance. The drama also has some business victories. But can everyone see these as victories?

General Hospital News February 21, 2024
General Hospital video preview.

To Be Announced in Port Charles

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) enthusiastically informs Maxie (Kirsten Storms) that Deception will be “one heck of a quarter” If the popularity in Carly Spencer’s (Laura Wright) Crimson continues.

While standing right at Maxie’s house at Deception, Tracy (Jane Elliot) says that they’re all duped. Do you think she is speaking the truth or is it Tracy’s version of the truth?

If Felicia (Kristina Wagner) speaks with Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), she informs him that it’s the right time to reveal their deceit. This means, they must confess their scheme to aid Maxie get her money back in secret.

In the meantime, Drew (Cameron Mathison) is focused on only Crimson in particular and Carly. He seems confused that she might not be eager to celebrate the accomplishments of her debut issue.

It’s the Invader’s latest team -the team of Alexis (Nancy Lee Grace) as well as Nina (Cynthia Watros). The conflict could erupt if Alexis realizes Nina had already hired a person. This could be that she did not have her approval!

Then, there’s an encounter of the minds and Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Selina Wu (Lydia Look) meeting over an assassin or a group of assassins who target mob members and women. Selina offers a very tense scenario in which they have to end their relationship. end.


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