General Hospital News February 28, 2024


Sebastian Roché, a familiar face from his stint on GH, is gearing up to evoke a cascade of emotions in viewers with his role in Queen of Tears, a captivating new Netflix series. Known for his portrayal of Jerry Jacks, the character infamous for the demise of beloved Dr. Alan Quartermaine, Roché takes a poignant turn as he steps into the shoes of a doctor in this intriguing narrative.

General Hospital News February 28, 2024
Sebastian Roché has landed a new Netflix series.

In the annals of General Hospital history, Jerry Jacks, played by Sebastian Roché, remains etched in the memories of fans as the catalyst behind the tragic loss of the cherished Dr. Alan Quartermaine, portrayed by the late Stuart Damon. However, Roché’s latest venture sees him embracing a role that juxtaposes his notorious GH character – that of Dr. Braun in Queen of Tears.

According to Deadline, Roché breathes life into the character of Dr. Braun, a German physician whose dynamic interplay with the series’ central figures adds layers of complexity to the storyline of Queen of Tears. Dr. Braun’s presence promises to unravel intriguing dynamics and emotional depths, further enriching the narrative tapestry of the series.

Queen of Tears orbits around the compelling journey of Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won), a scion of the illustrious Queens Group and hailed as the epitome of department store royalty. Married to Baek Hyeon-u (Kim Soo-hyn) for three years, the couple finds themselves ensnared in the throes of marital discord. However, amidst their turmoil, they chance upon a beacon of hope, igniting a transformative odyssey that reshapes the contours of their love story.

Initially slated for a late 2023 release, Queen of Tears is now poised to grace screens on Saturday, March 9, 2024, exclusively on Netflix. As viewers immerse themselves in the captivating saga, Roché’s portrayal of Dr. Braun is poised to captivate hearts and stir souls, underscoring his versatility as an actor and leaving an indelible imprint on audiences worldwide.


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