General Hospital News February 29, 2024


Remembering Craig Roh: Cyrus Hobbi Pays Tribute to His Football Mentor

Before gracing the screens of General Hospital as Yuri, the Quartermaine confidante, Cyrus Hobbi’s life revolved around football. From his days at the University of Southern California to his high school years in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hobbi’s journey was intertwined with the game he loved. Now, amidst his acting endeavors, he bids a heartfelt farewell to a late mentor whose influence left an indelible mark on his life.

General Hospital News February 29, 2024
Cyrus Hobbi remembers a legend in Craig Roh.

Cyrus Hobbi’s relationship with Craig Roh transcended mere coach-player dynamics; it embodied a profound bond rooted in mutual respect and shared passion for football. Reflecting on their time together, Hobbi took to Instagram to express his sentiments, reminiscing how Roh brought out the best in him during their high school days in Arizona. With a heavy heart, he honored Roh, an Arizona Football Legend, sending love and four heartfelt emojis to the Roh family, encapsulating the depth of his gratitude and respect.

In a poignant announcement, Chelsea Roh, Craig’s wife, shared the news of his passing after an arduous 18-month battle with Stage IV Colon Cancer. Despite facing formidable odds, Craig Roh approached life with unwavering determination, channeling his energy into coaching and inspiring others. Even amid his personal struggles, he remained dedicated to his craft, tirelessly working on posts and future plans for D-line University until the very end. For Craig, coaching wasn’t just a profession; it was his lifeline, guiding him through his toughest moments and shaping his legacy as a mentor and role model.

In the wake of Craig Roh’s passing, the Roh family faces the daunting task of navigating life without their beloved patriarch. To support them in their time of need, a GoFundMe campaign has been initiated, aiming to alleviate the financial burden and honor Craig’s memory. Chelsea Roh humbly requests assistance in spreading the word, inviting friends, family, and well-wishers to join in commemorating Craig’s remarkable life and contributions to the football community.

As Cyrus Hobbi and countless others mourn the loss of a dear friend and mentor, they find solace in the memories and lessons imparted by Craig Roh. His legacy lives on through the lives he touched and the indomitable spirit he embodied, serving as a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.


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