General Hospital News February 9, 2024


General Hospital Star Tajh Bellow Celebrates His Birthday

The story of General Hospital’s TJ Ashford was difficult is an understatement. For his character, Tajh Bellow, life is a lot sweeter…especially considering the moment he’s marking in his career.

General Hospital News February 9, 2024
Tajh Bellow.

Happy Birthday, Tajh Bellow!

This is because Bellow was born on the 9th of February 1995 located in Katy, Texas, which means that this incredibly talented actor is 29 this year! Bellow’s first credit in the professional world included “Eric” on the cult film Don’t Be Touched If You Haven’t praying 2 (2008).

He then followed it up with bits in various films, such as “Boy who kills mean Guard” from The Man Who Came Back (2008), “Ronnie’s Friend Zak” in Roles Models (2008), and television shows such as Twentysixmiles (2010) where the actor played “Nerdy Kid.”

The beautiful star went on to appear in the episodes from The Middle (2013), The First Family (2013), Save Me (2013), Sam & Cat (2013) Twisted (2014) and Filthy Preppy Teenin the series Filthy Preppy Teen (2015), K.C. Undercover (2018), and Bosch (2018).

Bellow was first seen in the role of TJ Ashford on General Hospital in the role of TJ Ashford on the 20th of November on the 20th of November 2018. Below is the third actor to portray TJ after Krys Meyer as well as Tequan Richmond.

Since Bellow’s initial appearance on the show, Bellow has experienced a lot of drama in the background and on. In the realm in GH, TJ. was kidnapped and beaten in a bid to make his mother giving in to an alleged drug dealer she was a victim of previously. The injuries that resulted from the kidnapping go quite a way in explaining the crutches Bellow was required to wear after suffering injuries on his quadriceps.

After returning to Soapland, TJ then learned that his lover had been cheating on him throughout the time he was in prison. They escaped that storm and then vowed to one another through a civil marriage. Now, they hope that they can have the gift of a child through surrogacy.

In July of 2020, Bellow opened up about losing a dearly loved relative to COVID. This is an all-too-common occurrence for many.

Bellow has a passion for being an outdoor enthusiast Bellow is a swimmer and sports lover, as well as a fan of video games and anime. Bellow plays saxophone whenever the time permits.


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