General Hospital News January 11, 2024


Exclusive Interview with Maurice Benard on Unique Bond Between the GH’s Sonny and Ava

Benard has lots of affection for Sonny’s relationship and Ava On GH.

Prior to Sonny Corinthos, played by Maurice Benard, brought Ava to stay in his home as a guest, and before kicking Nina off his life (for for the time being) the coffee importer was a friend to the owner of an art gallery in General Hospital. They’ve never been close, but Sonny may be more authentic self with Avery’s mother. Benard recently had a conversation withSoapsSpoiler.Com about the dynamic between Sonny and Ava.

General Hospital News January 11, 2024
Maurice Benard likes the dynamic Sonny has with Ava.

Maurice Benard: All About Ava

Benard will be the first one to acknowledge that Sonny’s treatment towards Ava hasn’t always been gentle. He’s even been brutal to his mother’s child, Avery. “Not as much anymore however, earlier in his life, I’ve never seen on TVor in movies characters treat an individual woman as badly as Sonny has with Avahowever it has worked. She is flawless in her portrayal,” Benard said of co-star Maura West. “Then Sonny’s not friendly to her. How long will we continue doing this?”

Benard says that the relationship was working for quite a while and, in actuality it is still working. “They know each other, and I like playing them,” Benard says of the dynamic between Sonny and Ava.” A year back, West spoke out about the possibility of a possibility of a future with Sonny as well as Ava.

Ava and Sonny’s relationship has been tempered a bit thanks it, we believe in no small measure to their shared love for their daughter Avery. Sonny is also aware that Ava is likely to go over the line and become fierce with her enemies should she choose to. In the time that Sonny was putting Dex (Evan Hofer) put on the ice for a while in the past, while trying to determine whether the man truly devoted in his relationship with him. gangster revealed to Ava the actions he’d taken. The mobster was not as forthcoming to Nina (Cynthia Watros) whom that he claimed to love. Sonny was also a bit shady, keeping Nina completely ignorant of the nanny’s job and Ava’s involvement in it.

There are facets to Sonny which he’d rather keep secret. But he is aware that he’s able to share all the dark aspects of himself with Ava. What would happen considering Ava living in his house and Nina being a distant person from him? Keep an eye on it!


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