General Hospital News January 2, 2024


Maurice Benard Explores the Extraordinary Journey of Alex Clark to Self-Made Success

General Hospital News January 2, 2024
Alex Clark joined Maurice Benard.

 Unveiling the Roots of a $200 Million Empire with Maurice Benard and Alex Clark

In the latest episode of Maurice Benard’s captivating video podcast series, “State Of Mind,” the General Hospital star welcomed a true entrepreneurial powerhouse, Alex Clark. The intrigue surrounding Clark’s intellect and creativity reached new heights as the duo delved into the narrative of a self-made success story that culminated in a staggering $200 million company sale.

As Benard engaged Clark in a conversation that went beyond the surface, the audience discovered the profound influence of Clark’s upbringing on his independent spirit. A testament to his self-reliance emerged when, at the tender age of 16 or 17, Clark chose to stay in California even after his parents’ divorce and his father’s job loss forced a relocation.

In a display of resilience, Clark took on three jobs, one of which was at Starbucks, a strategic move to secure health benefits. However, it was around the age of 22 that Clark found his breakthrough, stepping into the realm of customer support for a 3D design software company handling classified projects for giants like Lockheed.

The anecdotes flowed, revealing Clark’s encounter with a mysterious, futuristic design that turned out to be a humble fishing bobber. His passion for programming and software development steered him to shift his major to computer science, ultimately leading him to the realm of software testing.

Clark’s success wasn’t a stroke of luck; it was a result of his unwavering dedication to every job, even during his Starbucks days. His advice resonates with aspiring individuals: take your work seriously, immerse yourself in it, and continuously strive for improvement.

As the conversation unfolded, Benard and Clark delved into the delicate balance between book smarts and street smarts, the thin line between passion and obsession, and the sacrifices that accompany success. The discussion navigated through the intricacies of priorities and individual choices, unraveling the essence of Clark’s journey from a teenager with multiple jobs to the creator of a $200 million empire.


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