General Hospital News January 21, 2024


General Hospital Alum Garren Stitt Celebrates His Birthday

Although a brain tumor took Oscar’s life in 2019 his memory is maintained at General Hospital thanks to the meadow named in his honor. In real life actor Garren Stitt is busy thinking about and celebratingan important event in his life.

General Hospital News January 21, 2024
Happy birthday, Garren Stitt.

Happy Birthday, Garren Stitt

It’s because Stitt was born on January 21, 2003, at Alexandria, Virginia, which means this talented young actor turns 21 years older this year! After a fascination with the performing arts from an early age, Stitt landed his first acting job — in the television show Morbid Minutes — in 2011.

The credits that followed include short films – Bear, The Lady in Pink Show as well as Death Is A Salesman -as well as two shows, Girl Crazy and Up in Arms. The year 2013 saw him selected to appear in three feature films: Love Triangle, Bukowski as well as No Ordinary Hero – The SuperDeafy Movie.

Between 2014 to between 2014 and Stitt was a guest in the shows Unusual Suspects and Rosewood and was a regular for The Nickelodeon comedy Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. He also was a part of on the crew of two TV shows that were produced by Disney: Andi Mack, and ABC’s General Hospital. In the first, he played Marty while in the second, he was a cast recast Oscar Nero, having replaced the incumbent Rio Mangini.

In his role as Oscar, Stitt was nominated for the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series award at the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards — the same year Oscar was removed from the role due to Oscar’s brain tumor that caused his death.

Apart from performance, Stitt is a musician as well as a musician and singer. Some of his RnB singles are “Clout,” “Steaks,” “My Chain,” and “Player One” — all of which were released under the name Garren Lake. In the year 2019, he released an EP called “Heartbreak Lake.


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