General Hospital News January 22, 2024


Matt Cohen Talks Love, Trauma, and Guns with Maurice Benard on SOM

The GH actor admits to having led an incredibly colorful life.

General Hospital News January 22, 2024
Matt Cohen joined the GH star on his video podcast show.

Matt Cohen played Griffin Munro on General Hospital and while his appearance captivated the audience He also went deep and personal, demonstrating his courage, in his interview alongside Maurice Benard on his video podcast series, State of Mind.

Living A Wild and Colorful Life

It was a necessary reunion for these two since this episode was shot shortly after the death to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas) and they were both still in shock. Benard began the show by stating that they met into the boxing ring, and this was their first experience since the outbreak hit the actor who was older, and he was so grateful for it.

It was a bit surprising to discover that a quote from Shia LaBeouf during a podcast appearance is what has drove Cohen to the current route he’s currently on. LaBeouf was asked what the goal of his life and Cohen was offered his response – “The purpose of life is to figure out what you’re good at, and then figure out how to help people with that.” Cohen was told that three months ago, and it transformed his life. For Cohen it meant that he had to return into boxing. It was to Cohen was all focused on “mental health and mental wealth.” That led Cohen to reach out to Benard for the State of Mind and led them to look deeper into the reasons why this is the case for them.

They talked about fathers, the stress Cohen experienced while when working on GH and the dark corners of him that caused him to realize suicide. And Cohen acknowledged that if he did not have the support of a family, he could have let the darkness prevail. They stressed the importance of speaking about it, or else you’ll end up within your own thoughts. Everyone has a battle to face and by sharing your thoughts, you stand a better chance to help your mind.

While working as a guest on Entertainment Tonight, the actor/show talked about how the most famous stars in the business were also the most kind. He praised celebrities such as Ryan Seacrest and The Rock in explaining how they performed which earned them appreciation and respect. He talked about the way that The Rock trained for the job, but that his heart lies when it comes to long-form interviews with a desire to go deeper. Because of that, Benard asked him to switch tables and talk to the host — you don’t want to miss it. Cohen was then asked to dedicate the event to their deceased close friends Billy Miller and Tyler Christopher whom they spoke about in the nearly hour-long discussion.


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