General Hospital News January 24, 2024


GH’s Joey and Jay Clay AKA Ace Cassadine Celebrate a Milestone

Baby Ace is a pro at delivering on GH.

Nikolas Cassadine was quoted as saying the size of the son of his Ace had been when he appeared on General Hospital. Indeed. Two twins, who portray Nik’s father Joey as well as Jay Clay, just celebrated the biggest milestone associated with their experience living in Port Charles.

General Hospital News January 24, 2024
The boys and their mom give a backstage look at GH.

Joey and Jay Clay: Happy Birthday, Ace

Joey as well as Jay Clay began playing Ace the unique daughter of Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) and Nikolas Cassadine (Adam Huss) about a year ago. Their mother, Lana, took to social media to mark the occasion. “Celebrating our FIRST anniversary on General Hospital!” Lana Clay posted on X the site, which was previously called Twitter. “Grateful for this chance and the wonderful support we receive from the other actresses and actors. Funny fact is that the kids started the show when they were just six months old.

Safety Matters

Lana ensures that her sons’ GH experience will be forever etched in the memory of her boys. She keeps their followers informed about what’s going on during the show via (non-spoiler) blog posts. “General Hospital’s wardrobe team does an amazing job dressing our sons!” Lana posted on Twitter. “Their costumes are always adorable perfectly matched, and we adore the imaginative approach they take to every scene. As soon as we arrive, we have to register with security and head to our dressing area to relax, enjoy our privacy and dress the boys to play in their scene.

Lana is sure that her sons are safe when they are performing as infants Ace. “Did you know General Hospital prioritizes child safety?” Ace’s real-life mom wrote. “Joey and Jay have been granted work permits and Mark and I will be present throughout each episode. The standard of the industry and California law guarantee that the presence of a teacher in the studio and a welfare worker always on hand to supervise the health and safety of our boys.

Fathers and Sons

In the past, Joey played scenes with Huss and Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer) where Nikolas finally got to meet his son. In a moment of the cue, Ace melted into his father’s arms and laid his head on the chest of Nikolas. We’d like to say that Joey “aced” his scenes however …. his mom came out ahead with the clever pun! “Overwhelmed by the positive comments on the episode today! Joey and Jay with only 17 months old, have already performed an incredible number of scenes.” Lana wrote on X.


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