General Hospital News January 25, 2024


GH star Adam Huss’s Exciting Buzzkill Moment with Bees on B&B

The actor is still hearing talk about the B&B storyline.

Before taking on his role in the role of Nikolas Cassadine in General Hospital, actor Adam Huss was a guest in The Bold and the Beautiful in which he was paired with Sheila Carter, who always keeps busy as bees!

General Hospital News January 25, 2024
Adam Huss.

Adam Huss: Killer Bees

Huss’s appearance on B&B was 20 years ago. However, viewers were reminded of the character he was in the soap’s half hour last year, when the show re-aired his role. “[B&Bwas among my very first jobs,” Huss told Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson on their YouTube talk show. “Kimberlin Brown, Sheila was the one who killed me. I had this fantastic summer show. I was this silly person living in New York who was there to have a blast with his pal.”

His character Lance is allergic to honeybees. Sheila played Lance to fall in love together with Amber (Adrianne Frantz) who was associated in a relationship with Rick Forrester at the time. (Sheila would like to see Rick to be around to allow him to enter an affair with their daughter Mary (a.k.a Erica Lovejoy.) When Lance realized that he was required to confess to ensure that Rick would be able to discover his truth Sheila took the initiative to get him out of the picture.

“She knows that I’m allergic honeybees.” Huss continues in the character. “I’m eating a honey and peanut butter sandwich that’s everywhere. I fall asleep and she has been on the bed. She was wearing the beekeeper’s outfit. They had real live bees. They had a stage with a closed entrance.”

Fortunately, Huss had a stunt double that stepped in before he got actually stung. He claims the stunt double was “the one beewrangler on the scene.” But the apparent age gap among Huss and his stuntman did not be overlooked. “My brother saw it and would always berate me “Adam, what’s that? …? Then it’s you, and then it’s 60-year-old …’ The show was extremely amusing.”

It was clear that Sheila was never going to pay for her murder Lance however, Lance was killed. B&B writers mentioned this plotline in the past year, in the year Bill (Don Diamont) convinced Sheila to admit she’d done. “It was mentioned. Sheila was in prison for murdering a person. She was also convicted of other things she’d done. But that was among the major aspects. I finally found fairness,” Huss says. It’s not so much, but Sheila got her way by a stipulation because of Deacon’s old buddy judge Evan Scott (Michael Corbett).


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