General Hospital News January 29, 2024


Former GH Acting Coach John Homa Joins Maurice Benard on SOM

The GH star discusses the subject of anxiety, acting, and more together with John Homa.

General Hospital News January 29, 2024
John Homa joined Maurice Benard on his video podcast.

Maurice Benard got to welcome an old acquaintance to his podcast video series, State of Mind -the name of John Homa, the former acting coach on the General Hospital set. In the absence of notes the two quickly jumped into the action in this special episode.

Acting and Anxiety

One of the topics they discussed was with the place Homa was when the January 17th, 1994, earthquake that caused such a lot of destruction in Los Angeles. Homa heard about the earthquake while at the East Coast set of Interview with the Vampire and was helping actress Kirsten Dunst in her part in the role of Claudia for the film. He was informed of the earthquake, and quickly made his way towards Los Angeles but it led to a discussion about Tom Cruise (read about when Tom Cruise auditioned at Days of our Lives), who Homa has seen several times over the years. Homa was gracious about how the star always been there for his name and treated him with respect.

Benard was intrigued and pointed out that some actors may have issues with their coach on the setas well as Homa admitted there was a problem and then drank a cup of tea about it in addition to the fact that there were over 40000 applications for the role of Claudia and the time it took Dunst to be chosen. The conversation seemed to take the host off guard as he uncovered more and details about the casting processthat included Homa being cast in a surprise role on the day of audition. It’s an interesting review of a major Hollywood blockbuster which shouldn’t be overlooked.

He also mentioned receiving a phone call to GH the casting director Mark Teschner. Given that he’d recently been for Jumanji along with Mrs. Doubtfire, it was not something he would like to pursue. In addition, he’d performed in soaps actingThe Doctors, Edge of Night and The Doctors. He described what it was like and what it was like, which Benard obviously knew from his experience in All My Children. However, that’s not the thing he was looking to accomplish. He wanted to tell Teschner in person but instead he went to see Wendy Riche. The discussion with her about wanting to improve the quality of the acting profession changed his perspective and so did the sight of Benard. However, he was informed that the actor was not allowed, and the host went into tears.

Homa admitted that the reason he was hired to assist Kimberly McCullough with the transition from her role as a young Robin to assuming an adult character. The story developed from there however, it wasn’t always smooth. Find out the reasons he wasn’t keen to be alongside Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) and the circumstances that led him to change his decision. There were some things said, and you might be tempted to get tissues. This is just the beginning of this one-on-one conversation you won’t want to skip. The conversation takes an edgy turn when the conversation shifts to alcohol and covid, the possibility of his death therapy, and of course the passing of Tyler Christopher.

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