General Hospital News January 31, 2024


General Hospital’s Real Andrews Celebrating His Birthday

Marcus Taggert has been worried about Trina on General Hospital, unfortunately for most of the time she’s been off-screen, but Real Andrews, the actor who played the character, has something to be proud of — a special moment in his career.

General Hospital News January 31, 2024
Happy birthday, Réal Andrews.

Happy Birthday, Real Andrews!

This is because Andrews was born on the 31st of January 1963 located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, which means that the much-loved athlete is an age of 61! Andrews is the track and field champion was getting ready for in 1984’s Olympics in 1984 when he became forced to withdraw because of a sprain.

However, Andrews decided to pursue an acting career field. He began his career as a stuntman and then landed tiny speaking roles in films such as Wild Thing (1987), Nowhere to Hide (1987) and Last Man Standing (1988) and also episodes of primetime show like 21 Jump Street (1987), China Beach (1988), Night Heat (1985-1988) as well as Street Legal (1989).

When he was a teenager, Andrews was cast in his NBC morning drama Santa Barbara. The following year, Andrews was on the show in the role of a cop in Days of our Lives opposite Kristian Alfonso’s Hope Williams Brady.

In the year 1996, Andrews joined the cast of General Hospital in the role of Marcus Taggert — the PCPD’s most recent recruit. He remained on the soap for only four months before he resigned to be a part of the show’s primetime version, Soldier of Fortune, INC. After the show was pulled, Andrews returned to GH as the actor who succeeded Matthew St. Patrick in the process.

Andrews’s second run lasted until 2003. After that, he went on into As the World Turns, in which he played Walker Daniels (2003-2004), All My Children (ex-Agent Trumbull in 2011) and DAYS (ex-Hal Michaels in 2016, and 2017,).

Andrews’s other credits as an actor include the episodes from Renegade (1994), Step by Step (1994), The Clinic (1995), Law and Order (2006) as well as a number of TV-produced films. Between 2010 until 2018, he was a regular as Dr. Keith Campbell on The Bay on The Bay as The Bay’s Dr. Keith Campbell.

Andrews was engaged to Michele Viscasso since November 4 in 2000. Together, the couple welcomed three kids: Marcus, Nathan, and Danika. The question of whether or not their first child is named in honor of Andrews’ GH character, or if the persona was named in honor of his son is a mystery that will never be solved at time. All Andrews is certain of is that the birth of his son coincided with the unveiling of Taggert’s secret Christian name.


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