General Hospital News March 4, 2024


Carolyn Hennesy Reveals One of Her Most Favorite GH scenes featuring Maurice Benard on SOM

The GH actors recall their favorite scenes together.

General Hospital News March 4, 2024
Carolyn Hennesy and Maurice Benard enjoyed working together.

In the episode of March 3 on State of Mind, General Hospital star Maurice Benard sat down with his co-star Carolyn Hennesy, who has played the role of Benard’s lawyer on screen Diane Miller for 17 years. While they mingled, they talked openly about their mental health and sobriety and Hennesy shared one of her favorite moments she shared when she was with Benard during the course of GH.

A Great Moment On GH

When the subject of GH was discussed among the actors Benard mentioned that the two of them Hennesy had been doing some “deeper stuff” on the show recently. Hennesy replied in her usual funny manner and started pressing Benard to inform TPTB in GH that he was looking forward to additional scenes featuring her.

Hennesy was then able to share her opinion of “one of the great moments” during her experience as a soap star. She admitted that she is a fan of Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) and Tristan Rogers (Robert), but a scene she adored occurred between the present and when she was for State of Mind in 2021.

“Diane grilling Sonny, her boss…what is she going to do?” Hennesy recalls. The episode that the two talked on was a May 26 episode 2022. Sonny stood up at Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) visitation hearing. “Looking at you…it was one of the great moments for me in my 17 years on this show,” Hennesy stated to Benard.

23 Years Sober

The most talked about aspect of the show was Hennesy’s recovery after she revealed that she’s now 23 years clean. They delved in to her life, how the spiraling downwards of her drinking, which led her to the brink, and also her book, which she claims has saved her life.

“These are life lessons, not just ‘don’t drink’ lessons,” Hennesy declared when describing the actions she took to improve herself. “Everything truly important that I have accomplished in my life has been in the last 23 years.”

The actress said she was not sure if was still alive had she not slowed down her drinking and was reminded of those “bad choices” she once made, admitting that there was a time when she was drinking while driving.

Hennesy acknowledges her sponsor, taking part in AA gatherings all over the globe, and thanks she thanks the publication Living Sober for saving her life and allowing her to enjoy her work as she advises that, in order to reach sobriety, one must “learn to live sober.”


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