General Hospital Recaps December 26, 2023


Esme’s Emotional Unraveling Prompts a Surprising Move for Sonny

In the latest General Hospital episode on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, Esme’s tumultuous memory retrieval sends shockwaves through Sonny Corinthos, resulting in an unexpected decision to bring Ava and Avery under his protective wing.

General Hospital Recaps December 26, 2023
Sonny Corinthos and Ava Jerome on GH

Recap Highlights

In this eventful episode, Nina confesses to the wrong recipient, Carly revels in her triumph, Spencer and Trina share a moment, Laura joins forces with Dante on a mission, and Esme pays a visit to her father’s grave. Let’s delve into the intricate details of these developments.

Blessings and Curses

Spencer receives an unexpected boon when Esme grants him custody of Ace for the night, setting the stage for a memorable Christmas morning with his younger brother. However, Spencer remains oblivious to Esme’s true motive—her memory restoration. Trina’s interference during Esme’s call sparks jealousy, necessitating Spencer to reassure her.

Meanwhile, Esme experiences a turbulent night, grappling with her emotions and inadvertently making a grave mistake that could have dire consequences. Upstairs, as Esme navigates through her emotional turmoil, downstairs, Ava is alerted to a potential intruder by the security company, with Dante, a cop, swiftly responding.

Confession Sessions

At the church, Nina unburdens herself in the confessional, confessing to a mysterious priest about a regrettable act she committed against innocent individuals. “Father” Cyrus listens attentively and advises Nina to make amends by confessing to those she wronged. Nina heeds the advice and later attempts to seek redemption at the hospital.

At the hospital, Nina crosses paths with Sonny and Laura just before they embark on addressing the situation at Wyndemere. Alone with Carly, Nina extends an apology and plea for forgiveness, but Carly, unforgiving, insists Nina must live with the consequences of ruining her life.

Damage Control

Wyndemere becomes the focal point of intrigue as Laura and Dante scour the mansion for the elusive intruder—Esme. Evading capture, Esme escapes, leaving behind a crucial piece of evidence: her red glove, discovered by Dante. Meanwhile, at Ryan’s grave, Esme reflects on her tumultuous life as the offspring of psychopaths.

Back at Wyndemere, Laura and Dante conclude their search, prompting Sonny to take decisive action downstairs. In response to the unfolding chaos, Sonny, without consultation, resolves to have Ava and Avery move in with him until the situation is resolved.

As the events unfold, General Hospital continues to deliver riveting twists and turns in the lives of its characters. Stay tuned for more captivating developments in Port Charles.


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