General Hospital Recaps December 27, 2023


Brook Lynn Takes a Stand Against Lucy’s ‘Gold-Digger’ Antics”

In the latest episode of General Hospital, Brook Lynn left audiences stunned as she fearlessly defended her beloved grandmother, Tracy Quartermaine, against the relentless Lucy Coe. The recap for Wednesday, December 27, 2023, unveiled a series of dramatic events that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

General Hospital Recaps December 27, 2023
tracy quartermaine, brook lynn quartermaine, and lucy coe on GH

The day began with Brook Lynn, portrayed by the talented Amanda Setton, rushing around with the attentive Chase (Joshua Swickard) anticipating and meeting her every need. As the loving fiance, Chase ensured everything was in order for Brook Lynn, including a briefcase and a cup of coffee. Their relationship seemed idyllic, with Chase already planning their big day and scouting accessible venues to accommodate his father. The couple’s plans, however, took an unexpected turn when Brook Lynn suggested an even sooner wedding, revealing that it was at the request of Chase’s father.

The real drama unfolded when Lucy and Tracy engaged in a war of words, hurling insults and digs at each other. Lucy went as far as mentioning Luke, predicting a lonely and miserable future for Tracy. Witnessing this verbal battle, Brook Lynn couldn’t remain silent. She unleashed her fury on Lucy, branding her with derogatory names, including “gold digger,” and firmly instructing her on where to go.

Indignant and embarrassed, Lucy retreated to the pub, where she hatched a revenge plot involving Scott (Kin Shriner). Lucy’s plan was to have Scott seduce Tracy, marry her, and abscond with her substantial fortune. The question remained: Was Scott on board with Lucy’s devious scheme?

Meanwhile, Chase rushed to the hospital after receiving news of his father’s admission. Gregory’s collapse during a hot yoga session raised concerns about the progression of his mysterious ailment. Despite the uncertainty, Gregory agreed to undergo numerous tests, determined to proceed with his New Year’s Eve plans.

Another family drama unfolded as Felicia sought answers about Cody’s paternity, questioning whether he was truly Mac’s son. Despite her inquiries, Robert was uncooperative, displaying clear disdain for Cody and discouraging Felicia from pursuing the truth.

Alexis gathered her daughters, Molly and Kristina, for a candid discussion about surrogacy and the legal risks involved. She warned them about the complications arising from egg donation, emphasizing the need to establish parental rights after the baby’s birth. Molly and Kristina, however, asserted their autonomy, claiming to have everything under control. Alexis, initially taken aback, ultimately admired her daughters for standing united.

Intrigued by the unfolding events in Port Charles? Stay tuned to General Hospital, airing weekdays on ABC, and check local listings for airtimes.


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