General Hospital Recaps February 2, 2024


General Hospital Memorable Characters: John ‘Jagger’ Cates

John “Jagger” Cates debuted on General Hospital back in 1992 and was played by Antonio Sabato, Jr. The character was seen on February 2nd episode GH in the role of an FBI agent who stopped Anna Jordan’s covert operation and is currently being performed by Adam Harrington.

General Hospital Recaps February 2, 2024
Jagger is back in town.

Jagger was the third oldest child from his family. He spent most of his life in the streets. Jagger and his siblings, Michael (also known as Stone) and Gina were left as orphaned children, and later separated. He later became a famous General Hospital character.

Jagger was a part of an unpopular crowd. In order to get through the day, he needed to put on the appearance of a street gangster which is why he was nicknamed Jagger. Jagger landed in Port Charles in 1992. Port Charles in 1992 and was introduced to Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne) A good-looking girl with a few secrets.

Jagger and a few other street children were able to break into Kelly’s place and attempt to rob the restaurant. Even though he was in suspicious circumstances, he was able to shield Ruby from the rough gang members. As a result, He was shot and taken into General Hospital.

The police threatened to take Jagger for refusing to surrender to his “friends.” He tried to leave the hospital to escape arrest, but Karen was able to locate the man. They quickly formed bonds and she persuaded him to remain.

One of his buddies, Cal, believed that Jagger was a rat for his crime and threatened to shoot him.

Ruby was eventually able to forgive him and gave him an apartment and the opportunity to get a job. He soon enrolled in studies in Port Charles High and became closer to Karen who at the time, she had been Jason Quartermaine’s (Steve Burton) girl.

Jagger began to date Brenda Barrett, but still was in love with Karen and eventually they met up.

In high secondary school Jagger was inspired to be an officer of the police and Karen was awarded an award to learn about medical studies.

On the day of their wedding Karen’s mom, Rhonda, revealed that Karen’s father was Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner). Following their wedding the couple relocated from San Francisco where Karen attended medical school, and Jagger became a police officer.

He is back, and we don’t know what he’ll be doing the next time around.


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