General Hospital Recaps January 12, 2024


Nikolas finally got around to Seizing His Son

Spencer Cassadine was stunned to see his long-lost father back.

The General Hospital recap for Friday 12 January 2024, includes Nikolas taking time from his busy day to visit his son he is ignoring.

General Hospital Recaps January 12, 2024
Nikolas Cassadine and Spencer Cassadine on GH

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this show, Curtis gave Trina good tips on Spencer. Sonny gave Dex insane orders, as Joss caused a mess in Adam’s life. A few mistakes made by Esme revealed the person she really is! Let’s look a bit deeper into the specifics.

Current and Past Problems

Nikolas (Adam Huss) has spent the greater part of the day snoozing on the Ava’s (Maura West) gallery. He wanted to know what her plans for the party were going to go however Ava had a big surprise for Nikolas. It wasn’t necessary to have a party to place Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) in her place. Ava had Esme in jail.

Just as Ava divulge all the details when Nina (Cynthia Watros) arrived. Nik was hiding as the ladies discussed Sonny (Maurice Benard) and, more specifically, the reason Nina was compelled to admit to the affair.

Ava was shocked to discover that it was all due to Cyrus (Jeff Kober). So, it’s not surprising that Sonny took him down to the ground! And of course, hurt people hurt people and Ava was wondering what lengths Sonny could go in order to bring the victim down. Nina was able to get away to stop the incident from happening.

After Nina was gone, Nik resurfaced, and they talked about the next move. Esme was slipping away which was fantastic as it meant Ace was staying in the company of Laura (Genie Francis). Good, good. That means Nik might disappear again. Nik as well as Ava left for the airport together.

In the meantime, Spencer (Nicholas Chavez) was spending the day with a frightened Esme. Esme was worried about the trial, her son and wondering what might follow. Spencer tried to calm her down, and even helped her talk about the reasons she was at Wyndemere.

During those conversations that Esme fell off. Not just once but twice, and Spencer realized she had not remembered. Esme was adamant about it, but it was obvious that day, when she said Spence instead of Spencer.

Spencer returned home to collect Ace and bring Ace to court to spend a few minutes with his mother. He evicted the babysitter. Just moments after she left there was an unexpected knock. Spencer went to the door and found his father in the room!

Deadly Absentions

In the office of Sonny, the boss made an appointment with Dex (Evan Hoffer) to have a minion-to-boss conversation. Sonny was not looking forward to going to prison for slaying the likes of Cyrus and commanded Dex to take action about it. It wasn’t simply “something” however the most important “something.” Sonny wanted Dex to eliminate Cyrus one and for all. The bad guy is now ready to get in with the fishes.

Dex was clearly surprised. It’s not that hard to understand as this is mob life after all. Sonny stated that Dex was willing to commit illegal acts when he enrolled for this job. Additionally, Dex wouldn’t want Cyrus walking around the streets, causing harm to Joss (Courtney Fulk) in the present, is? No. He would not.

Unwillingly, Dex headed to the hospital to take out Cyrus. He left Joss a voicemail, before rushing into the room where Cyrus was being treated. He spotted Nina at the nurses’ station, and then froze.

In the case of Sonny’s accusations there was a heated discussion with Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) and Robert (Tristan Rogers). They argued over a glass of wine. Diane was certain that jurors would be in favor of Sonny -considering everything. But would they? Cyrus was a prophet of God today and was being slandered in the church.

In the case of Joss, she was a victim of lots from Adam (Joshua Benard) drama. The teenager was chaotic, and Joss sought help from Kylie who was her Resident Assistant (Resident assistant). The conversation didn’t go down well when Adam was informed. What’s wrong with her? In addition, how would Kylie arrange therapy sessions for him? What happens if his parents learn (since they made him provide them with access to his portal for students)?!

A Bright Future

In the meantime, Curtis (Donnell Turner) was able to wake up from surgery feeling fantastic. He was hopeful about the future. He told Portia (Brook Kerr) and Stella (Vernee Wilson) that he was eagerly waiting until the swelling would decrease so that he could shoot hoops!

Trina was there and told her exciting news with her father. Curtis was thrilled to learn about Paris and encouraged Trina to go…without Spencer, of course. Trina was not a fan of the idea, but she didn’t want to fight over it.

When Trina went away after her departure, it occurred to Curtis that they might not have to think about Spencer. If Esme is in prison, there’s no way the young man will be boarding the plane and letting his brother be left behind.

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