General Hospital Recaps January 16, 2024


Spencer And Nik Schemed to Play Keep-Away with Baby Ace

Nik is father to his son now…but did this make sense? Gh call?

General Hospital Recaps January 16, 2024
Spencer Cassadine handed Ace to Nikolas Cassadine on GH

The General Hospital recap for Thursday 16th January 2024, is a story of Nikolas discussing with Spencer into a questionable strategy to defend Ace against Esme.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In the same episode Adam’s death was spared however, only a little even though Joss tried her best to help Adam. Trina also dropped her Paris bomb at Esme. Finn received a little good news regarding his case. Also, Cyrus was happy to let Sonny free of the burden with an excellent deal. Let’s look in a bit deeper into the specifics.

Oh, Brother

Nikolas (Adam Huss) offered all the possible things he could think of for Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) to go on a runaway with his girlfriend. However, it was a tough to say no. Spencer lived in the same house and was married to Trina (Tabyana Ali). He didn’t want to let her go. He desired Nik to stay with him, clear his name while fighting for Ace when Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was headed to prison.

The plan was canceled after Laura (Genie Francis) called to inform her of an update. Esme did not intend to go to prison at all. The incident led to a discussion between the two men on whether or whether Esme was still alive. Spencer did not find it strange that she referred to him as “Spence.”

Nik was, of course, employed that method to bribe Spencer to let him at the very least have the baby. It was a risk to let the old Esme her child. Spencer eventually decided to accept. Nik put together a backpack while Spencer took a farewell to his brother. He then gave the baby to his dad, warned his father to treat the kid right…or otherwise, and watched them go out the door.

While they were at it, Esme and Trina were at the courthouse to have the discussion. Esme knew for certain that Trina was angry that she only received a slap on the wrist, an accusation Trina dismissed. She considered it fair in this case, at the very least. What else does she really care about? She’s headed to Paris in the near future, and that’s not a bad thing.

Esme was delighted to learn that Trina left the country. Then she discovered Spencer was traveling with her. What do you think of her? What do you think of Ace? Trina said that Spencer was not apathetic about taking care of his brother, however, he did not care much about Esme as well as her thoughts.

Esme almost cried and went home to talk with Spence. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t spend all of her time with Trina but. At the time she arrived in the room, Nik and Ace were gone.

Near-Deadly Drama

At in the hospital Dex (Evan Hofer) was dressed in scrubs before heading towards Cyrus’s (Jeff Kober) room to complete the act. He almost did…until Sonny (Maurice Benard) knocked on the door and told him no. Talk about an eleventh-hour save!

Sonny was then taken to the room, where he and Cyrus were having a chat. Cyrus was delighted to let him know that there was no need to worry about it. He was not charged. At the most, he would not be likely to give evidence. What about the cost? It was a bargain that which he made with a different person.

Sonny was stunned. He was further stunned when he discovered that the person who made the deal is Nina (Cynthia Watros). This is a great news, isn’t it? Wrong. The only bright side was she was in the hospital. He could be able to tell her off. He did. He advised her to stay clear of his company and keep far from him!

In the end, he told Dex that they didn’t want to end the relationship with Cyrus. They’re going cause him to think that Dex murdered him. In the following days, Nina went in to meet Cyrus and reassured him that once the charges had been dropped that he would be able to continue spreading the great news.

Teen Angst

The hospital also had Joss (Courtney Fulk). She was quick to check in for information on Adam (Joshua Benard) and stood in front of his room, watching Finn (Michael Easton) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) fighting to bring him back to life.

Thank goodness, Adam did not suffer. Joss was informed of the good news just when Carly (Laura Wright) was quick to join with her (thanks to a phone call to Willow). But things turned out to be a little off when Finn spoke to Adam’s parents. Joss was hesitant. It was because of them that Adam was doing this initially! Sadly, since they were their next of kin, they were required to make a call regardless.

Joss picked up Adam’s guitar and walked to his bedroom. She shook his hand and said that she would stay with him until he got up. Shortly after, Trina arrived to lend her shoulder to Joss.

A few days later there was good news coming Finn’s way. Liz informed him that the doctor who had treated Muldoon was located in Port Charles and was willing to meet with Finn.

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