General Hospital Recaps January 17, 2024


Willow Tells Nina Where to Go and How to Get There

We mean that Willow Corinthos told her to travel to places that weren’t within her reach for a second time.

The General Hospital recap for Wednesday, January 17, 2024, features Willow taking Nina’s knife out of her back and stabbing her mother right in the heart…figuratively, of course.

General Hospital Recaps January 17, 2024
Willow Corinthos cut Nina Reeves Corinthos off for good on GH

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this show, Carly learned the truth about the lies her son told her as Tracy was singing Michael’s praises. Finn received an interesting piece about information from doctor. Sawyer. And then, Spencer blackmailed Esme out of going to the police regarding Ace. Let’s go deeper into the specifics.

It’s Over, Mother!

The only thing Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) desired was a quiet working day. What she received was a phone call by Michael (Chad Duell) wanting to speak with her. Nope. It wasn’t her life. But not today. The nurse was required to speak to Nina, but she was at the Nurses station.

Willow openly said to Nina (Cynthia Wastros) she did not want to be with her, however, in typical Nina manner she continued pushing and pushing until she finally got what she desired. It didn’t take long however, and then Carly (Laura Wright) was on the other side of the room and demanded that she leave Willow to her own devices.

This resulted in a number of events taking place. Carly and Nina were at war, and the information about Michael being aware of everything was revealed. Carly was certain Nina was lying to her face, however, she as well as Drew (Cameron Mathison) ran out to confront him regardless.

After a few minutes, Willow and Nina went into a room to play it discussed. Nina ran through her list of reasons and excuses, but Willow did not like it. She simply told Nina that they had ended. She was not planning on ever speaking with her again.

For Michael the actor, he was in the Quartermaine mansion, asking Ned (Wally Kurth) to return his shares. He was scolded by Tracy (Jane Elliot) about being a real Quartermaine today. In the end, Ned agreed to give Michael what he wantedfor tomorrow.

Sadly, during this small fight, Michael was caught rehashing particulars of his blackmail plan by Carly Drew and Carly Drew. To say that they were not happy is an understatement. Like Nina, Michael rattled off his own list of excuses and justifications. The list was not very well received. An angry Drew left, and Carly prepared to play the time of her life with her son in privacy.

Ned and Tracy were able to hide inside the kitchen. Tracy was awed with the mess, and discussed ways they could utilize it to benefit them.

Brother Knows Best

In the meantime, Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) forced her way into Laura’s home and demanded to see her son’s attention. Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) tried to hold off and delay her, but the only thing he could do was he could manage prior to dropping the bomb. Ace was not present. He wouldn’t see Esme ever again. The baby was in the arms of his father!

He was very happy telling Esme everything about Nikolas (Adam Huss) arriving and then taking off to sleep with the child. Nik might not be the best father. In fact, Nik may not be a good person. However, Ace was much safer in his presence than Ryan Chamberlain’s daughters.

Esme was a mess as any mother would do and cut into Spencer. What a jerk! Spencer was adamant even though. When Esme threatened to contact the police and report the shocking kidnapping incident, Spencer threatened to tell them that she had her memories back. Be careful. Defeated Esme was able to walk away.

The Truth About Muldoon

At in the hospital Finn (Michael Easton) and Liz (Rebecca Herbst) were in a meeting together with the doctor. Sawyer. It was initially not going as planned. She was not going to violate HIPAA and talk about her previous patients or health history…unless it was an evidence stand. She instructed Finn to get his lawyer get in touch with her.

Liz was not going to let her go so quickly, however. She begged her to stay and stay, and she sang Finn’s praises. She and Finn suggested that she talk in some hypothetical situations. She and Finn suggested she speak in hypotheticals. Sawyer agreed and they began.

It turned out that it turned out that Mr. Muldoon already knew he was suffering from cancer after the doctor. Sawyer tested him for it. But he didn’t check in with his oncologist, and it appeared he did not inform anyone else, not even his family. Finn found himself positive at first since weeks.

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