General Hospital Recaps January 19, 2024


Nina’s out, Carly’s in – Drew shifts the power at Crimson

Drew Cain got his payback!

This General Hospital recap for Friday January 19, 2024, shows Drew making a big move to smack Nina. Drew pulled the rug from under her with a massive force.

General Hospital Recaps January 19, 2024
Drew Cane replaced Nina Reeves with Carly Spencer on GH

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Adam’s dad showed up and proved his son was right while Joss was a champion to her pal. Sam spoke out about her struggles and Esme tears for Ava. The whole time, Laura had it out with Spencer and, in true fashion doing the next best thing. Let’s go into the specifics.

Buh-Bye, Nina

At Bobbie’s house, Sam (Kelly Monaco) was there to meet Drew however, there was no sign of him to be located. Carly provided an explanation. Drew was busy with his business and informed Sam that it was going to be a long time before he’d be able to see her. Instead, Sam and Carly talked about Drew and attempted to figure out ways to help Drew.

Then, Nina (Cynthia Watros) arrived at Crimson and was greeted by moving trucks. They were taking down her office and removing all of her files. She was stunned. She was shocked after Drew (Cameron Mathison) arrived with a reason. He is the owner of Aurora and Aurora is the owner of Crimson and he also owns Crimson. And, she’s been fired!

Nina didn’t take that news in the best way. She was totally devastated. She screamed and nearly wept and tried to threaten her, but nothing did the trick. It was a way to pay back for her, and Drew focused on Karma. The only concession Drew was willing to offer was to let Nina decide if her staff voted for her. He also offered her a termination letter. Accept it and ensure that your staff remains. If not, they may quit too.

It was not long after Nina had signed the document then Drew dropped his final bomb. Nina’s replacement was spotted walking through the front door. It was Carly! Carly!

Harsh Truths

The other one to go down was Esme (Kristen Avery Pohl). She showed up at Jerome Gallery to beg for Ava’s (Maura West) assistance. She spoke to Ava everything she knew details about Nikolas (Adam Huss) getting away in a car with Ace asking if she knew about her ex-boyfriend and if she knew where he was.

Ava acknowledged that she had seen Nik, but she didn’t know anything other than his appearance to her. To her credit, Ava was not happy about Ace’s kidnapping. She was actually unhappy about the whole thing. She advised Esme she was facing an uphill struggle, but. If Laura was unable to locate Nik the way she wanted, she doubted Esme had a chance. Esme told her she had a formidable ally to aid -Cyrus! Cyrus!

When we talk about Cyrus (Jeff Kober) the actor was the one to call Laura (Genie Francis) and Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) to his room. When they arrived the man had Spencer reveal exactly what had gone to baby Ace.

Laura was furious that her grandson gave Ace the responsibility to Nik. How could he do that? Spencer tried to convince himself that the baby would be more comfortable with his dad. He also told Esme that Esme was able to recall her memories. It’s high time Esme to pay for her deed!

This did not aid his case. Laura did not care if his suspicions were correct or not. Esme is a good mother, and she deserved her child. Esme was on the phone with cops and immediately began searching for the child who was missing.

And then there’s Mr. Wright

In the hospital, too, was Joss (Courtney Fulk). She as well as Dex (Evan Hofer) were in the chapel chatting about Adam (Joshua Benard). Joss was worried about the friend she had and decided to help Adam. So off they went to support him.

In the case of Adam Adam, Adam was alert, awake as well as Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) talked about his situation with Adam. He was blessed to be alive following his drink. Adam was not so fortunate. He was even unluckier as Portia (Brook Kerr) told him that he needed to see psychiatrists before he was allowed to be released. Additionally, his parents were waiting for him to be released, regardless of regardless of whether he was happy or not.

Then it was not long before Mr. Wright (Steve Mize) arrived and caused an uproar. He demanded that he take his son Willow before Portia arrived to take care of the situation. She gave him a short summary of the incident whilst the Mr. Wright was doing nothing more than criticizing his son.

In the end, Joss had enough and confronted the man. They argued about Adam and Joss openly declaring that the stress the couple put Adam in was the main reason Adam decided to do what was done and he attempted to commit suicide. The man. Wright fumed!

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