General Hospital Recaps January 22, 2024


Esme Turned To Her Monster Mommy For Help

Mommie Dearest will get it from here.

General Hospital Recaps January 22, 2024
Esme Prince reached out to Homicidal Heather.

A General Hospital recap for Monday 22 January 2024, shows Esme showing up in the prison to ask for assistance. Also, Heather was more than willing to help.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also, in this episode Chase as well as Brook Lynn asked Gregory for an oblique favor. Spencer defensed his terrible decision-making abilities. Scott took on both sides, while Martin was able to walk away from Lucy. Finally, Carly got justice, but things went a little way too much for her. Let’s go more deeply into the specifics.

Mom To the Rescue!

Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was at the prison to meet Heather (Alley Mills). She explained to her about Ace’s kidnapping and her visit-to-visit Cyrus (Jeff Kober) and the way Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) threatened to place her in prison. Heather was stunned by the whole thing.

The mother gave Esme the best advice she could have given her -Run. Sure, it’s true that Esme will miss her child, but it wasn’t worthwhile. Naturally, Esme wasn’t about to take that risk. She was determined not to let her son go. They needed to locate the boy and recoup their losses from anyone who had did her wrong.

Payback? Revenge? This was the sound that rang in Heather’s ears. She said she would do everything she could in her cell. Hell, even prison bars have done not stop her! However, she cautioned Esme to be cautious and to follow her example. Yes, Esme wasn’t about to make the same mistake. She was ready to go all-in particularly when she realized Heather is (mostly) in the boat.

While at the hospital Spencer received a earful of Laura (Genie Francis) while waiting for the police. Once Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) arrived, Laura made Spencer talk about himself. He admitted that he gave Ace the keys to his dad However, he had solid reasons for it. Nik (Adam Huss) was a better option than Esme.

Although the incident Spencer as well as Nik were doing with Ace was not legal, Nik is still a wanted man. Dante advised Spencer to contact the police every time he sees his father or otherwise! He then issued an announcement to look for Nikolas and then headed off to search for Esme. Then, Laura worried that if Esme was able to recall her memories, it was impossible to predict what she would do.

Sweet Revenge

Then, things got a little crazy at Crimson as Carly (Laura Wright) and Drew (Cameron Mathison) ridiculed Nina (Cynthia Watros). It’s payback time, baby! Carly was smug as ever while Nina was seated on the floor with the magazine torn from under her.

In the end, Drew told her to leave (more than times) and Nina was willing to comply. She escaped and found a bathroom to be crying in. The same bathroom Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) was as well. To Nina’s delight, Olivia was compassionate to her sob story and plight. When she was alone, Nina vowed revenge on her enemies.

In offices, Carly was thrilled to be able to replace Nina but was not so sure about her new position as editor-in-chief. She informed Drew she would keep the chair warm until he found another person. But Drew did not want this. He was looking for Carly. She reluctantly accepted at two jobs full time (there as well as Bobbie’s) to please her husband.

In the context of scheming couples Scott (Kin Shriner) explained to Tracy (Jane Elliot) concerning Lucy’s (Lynn Herring) plot to take her down. Tracy tried to make fun of it, but soon realized Scott knew he was serious. She didn’t have to be concerned but she was concerned. What harm could Lucy do?

Then, Martin (Michael E. Knight) returned and was delighted to finally meet his lady affectionately. However, he soon realized that she was less than thrilled to be with him. After some reflection He decided to cut the ties. Lucy ran after him and refused to let the romance end.

The Highest Honor

In the spirit of romance stories Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) invited Gregory (Gregory Harrison) out for lunch to discuss wedding plans. They wanted him to not just be present for the big ceremony but also be the officiant. Gregory was elated to be asked. He wasn’t sure whether he would accomplish it, however.

Gregory admitted that ALS is beginning to affect his speech, and Gregory didn’t want to mess the vows of their wedding. Chase and BLQ were able to understand his point of view but couldn’t see any other person marrying them. After a lot of discussion, Gregory agreed to stand at the altar together with them…as as long as there was an alternative officiant.

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