General Hospital Recaps January 23, 2024


Curtis and the Ashfords Get a Glimmer of Hope

Curtis Ashford’s family had a very special day.

Curtis gets some good news on Tuesday, January 24th, 2024, from his doctor.

General Hospital Recaps January 23, 2024
Curtis Ashford and his family were all smiles on GH

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Brook Lynn shared her feelings with Chase while Gregory and Tracy had a brief moment together. Jordan told a story as Anna was panicking about her friend. Finn also let out his emotions, while Scott gave Lucy some food for thought. Let’s now dig into the details.

Good News, Odd News and Great News

As the Ashford family waited on edge for Curtis’s (Donnell Turner) results, they were all on pins-and-needles. Curtis remained positive, even calling his family to give them a pep-talk. He was determined to live his life, no matter what the doctors said.

The doctor finally arrived and started his examination. While his left foot didn’t feel anything, his right did. This was not a guarantee that he’d walk again but it did give everyone hope.

Trina Ali (Tabyana) had been apprehensive earlier about Paris. She discussed it with her mother. Portia, Brook Kerr’s character was always supportive, even when she went with Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez).

TJ (Tajh Bellow) was not only worried about Curtis but also his mother. Anna (Finola) arrived in search of Jordan (Tanisha). She hadn’t been seen since the previous day…after getting her tip.

Jordan arrived unharmed just as the police were about to arrive. TJ thought she was chasing a case. Anna admitted that she was taken by the FBI, but only after they were alone.

Strange, right? It was even stranger when they gave her a talk-to, then quickly backpedaled and sent her home. Anna offered to assist in solving the mystery.

Troubles and Trials

Finn (Michael Easton), and Liz (Rebecca Fall) were also at the hospital. She encouraged him go to a NA meeting to work through his feelings and stress. He did. She also got to tell Portia about hers.

Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), and Chase (Joshua Swickard), tried their hand at axe-throwing. BLQ did a particularly good job. What was her trick? Lucy’s trick: pretending the target is Lucy’s face.

This quirky revelation paved the road for Brook Lynn and Chase to reveal all that happened at Deception. Lucy attacked Tracy, and BLQ won’t tolerate that. Her mission now is to eliminate Tracy. Chase was not pleased with the idea. He liked the idea of getting close to his fiancee in the future.

The Schemes and Woes

Lucy and Tracy were still playing their little games at the restaurant. Tracy lost today when Martin (Michael E. Knight), called her out for her obsession with Scott. He was so angry with her, he followed her to the ladies’ room and demanded an answer. He stormed out and wouldn’t answer her phone calls when she refused to give him the information.

Scott did a good job in his role as double agent, especially since Gregory (Gregory Harrison), the distraction to Tracy’s attention by showing up at their table was not difficult. Gregory’s health started to go awry as the trio chatted. He excused himself citing heartburn.

Unfortunately, this was the least of Gregory’s worries. Gregory’s body locked on him before he could leave the building. Tracy found him in the hallway, got him to settle down and told him though this incident. She then called Yuri and asked him to bring him home.

Scott ran to the lady’s room to speak to Lucy. He saw her calling Martin’s voicemail in a frantic manner, begging his forgiveness. Scott, as he is known to do, took this as an invitation to flirt.

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