General Hospital Recaps January 8, 2024


Elizabeth, She Gives Carly the Comfort She Wanted

This General Hospital recap for Monday 8th January 2024, shows Liz taking all the knowledge she’s accumulated from interacting with Bobbie for years to be there to be a comforter for her beloved friend’s daughter.

General Hospital Recaps January 8, 2024
Liz and Carly hugged despite their differences.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

Also, in this episode Sasha was a cover the role of Cody, Sonny was able to secure bail and go directly into Carly, Tracy dropped a truth bomb on Martin, Lucy was beside herself in shock, and Joss handed her brother a business card for not prioritizing their mother. Now let’s dive a bit more into the events.

Memories And Tears

As Kelly’s door was closed so that she could not think about Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman), Carly (Laura Wright) was shocked when she heard the door open. Carly was delighted to welcome Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) who is missing Bobbie much. Recognizing that they’ve never ever been in a close relationship Liz provided Carly a supportive ear should she need one.

Carly became angry with the sink however, Liz realized that it had to do with the plumbing. Carly was stunned but Liz informed her that she had worked there and that pipes were always an issue. Liz spoke to her about Bobbie helping her through the most difficult time of her existence (watch the clip below as Liz shares with Audrey that she was raped by her here) She was desperate to have that sense of peace that Bobbie offered once more. Liz informed Carly that Bobbie will live on by her kindness legacy. Carly thanked her for her kindness with a hug.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) was in the interrogation chamber to talk with Sonny (Maurice Benard) He was reprimanded by Sonny that he didn’t have to talk to police officers. In the end, Dante told him about Bobbie. Sonny loved hearing about it. Dante would have loved to help Sonny; however, Sonny did not believe him as he wanted to arrest him. Dante claimed he was not okay, or he wouldn’t have beat up Cyrus.

Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) intervened between the two men and demanded to speak with Sonny on her own. The lawyer believed that Sonny’s attack on Cyrus was in self-defense. Diane called and found out that Cyrus would be safe. She was hoping to secure bail and asked him if she wanted to begin divorce process. He was not interested in thinking about it now. Nina (Cynthia Watros) wasn’t his top priorityHis kids were. Diane set up bail, so Sonny could be free for the time being. Sonny expressed his gratitude to Dante and said he had heard his voice and that he loved his. Then, Diane asked Dante to be watchful of his son. Sonny immediately ran to Kelly’s house to meet Carly.

Being a part of the Tough Times

Felicia (Kristina Wagner) apologized for crossing the line when conducting a DNA test on Cody (Josh Kelly) without his permission, but Maxie (Kirsten Storms) was angry on behalf of her friend. Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) was in the room and Cody said that Felicia had run another paternity test. Sasha stated that she had to be certain that Cody wasn’t lying about not being Mac’s child.

Felicia apologized Cody and admitted that she might be mistaken. Following the time Felicia Maxie and Maxie went away, Cody asked Sasha what had transpired? Sasha admitted to having swapped his hair to hers (well we know that Sasha’s father isn’t Mac!) Cody was furious with Sasha because she’s believed to be as a source of his lies. Cody admits he regrets deciding to take an enormous salary over an extended family. Sasha said he had a lot to loseand he wasn’t in a position to be on his own.

Maxie as well as Felicia visited the grave of BJ. Maxie admitted it was a small comfort, but at most BJ as well as Bobbie are now together. They shared their grief over the loss of Bobbie and how having one another can make it a bit less.

Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) stopped by the home of Carly to express condolences. Joss (Courtney Fulk) loved her visit. Michael (Chad Duell) was also there as Joss was talking about how sad she felt. Joss went off to check on the younger siblings. Willow and Michael had a hug, however, there was still a lot of awkwardness between them. Willow shared with Michael that they must talk to their children about Bobbie and Michael. Michael was looking to repair the issues between them however, Willow stated that he really damaged her, and she needs space. When Willow went away, Michael told Joss that Nina made a complaint to his SEC regarding Carly as well as Drew. Joss noted that he had protected Sonny along with Willow at the expense of Carly. However, she added that she could not be angry at him at the moment. They depend on each other way too often.

Sparks Flying

Lucy (Lynn Herring) tried to find Bobbie’s favourite flowers, which were not suitable for her funeral, which brought Scott’s (Kin Shriner) admiration. Lucy regrets not having made the right thing happen with Bobbie prior to her death; Scott felt the same. They acknowledged how terrible they’ve been in the past but also remarked that Bobbie was not always a saint! Scott admitted that Bobbie was one of the very first people to acknowledge this especially when she introduced Luke (Anthony Geary) to town and was a disaster for Scotty’s life. Lucy had Scott promise not to tell anyone else that she was in love with Bobbie. She had the admiration Lucy sought after. Scott believed they could have become acquaintances If Lucy had informed her of that. After he gave his lady’s handkerchief to her and kissed her, there was a heated moment between the two. Following, Lucy wanted to make sure they kept their course by marrying him to Tracy and making her feel guilty about it.

Tracy (Jane Elliot) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) got together to discuss the numbers, however BLQ realized that it was not the best time to meet and suggested rescheduling. Martin (Michael Michael. Knight) arrived on his own and informed them that Lucy had been with Scott and that they were preparing an event to honor Bobbie. Tracy found it funny, considering that both women were always at odds, but she also noted that Scott was the only one who Scott stood with Lucy for a long time. Tracy informed her daughter the fact that Scotty along with Lucy try to sabotage her and she’ll take them down.

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