General Hospital Spoilers February 16, 2024


Weekly Spoilers from GH: Admissions Machinations, and Revelations

Find out what’s coming up for you Port Charles favorites.

The week from February 19 to the 23rd of February on General Hospital, spoilers tease characters who are in trouble or in conflict, and more. This is an episode you don’t not want to be missing!

General Hospital Spoilers February 16, 2024
Selina Wu, Curtis Ashford, Nina Reeves

A Work in Progress

Nina Reeves’s (Cynthia Watro’s) main focus is on returning from a rocky bottom. True, her process of healing involves a little bit of vengeance. The way she approaches it this time involve her ride or die character Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). They don’t judge one or their actions and are always there for one another even if it’s an illegal or illegal act. Watch out for Valentin to offer advice to his friend. Do you know if he can advise her regarding the steps to take in her next step to take in taking on all enemies in one step? This could happen.

Nina meets her bitterest of foes, Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Carly (Laura Wright). Incredibly, during this encounter she makes a shocking discovery. Is she planning to slap a mea culpa on them? Or perhaps drop something far more destructive and damaging? In the case about Carly and Drew It’s not the most enjoyable week. They’re not surprised to find themselves on opposite sides. It is likely that this is a reference to Drew’s revenge fantasies with Nina.

Hurt and Comfort

Find Curtis (Donnell Turner) to provide a sense of peace in the life of his little girl. The character of Trina (Tabyana Ali) evidently struggling following Spencer’s disappearance. Trina must feel betrayed and deceived by the future she believed she was going to share with her lover. Perhaps, Curtis is able to think of the right words to help her get rid of depression and dark thoughts.

In another Curtis news the actor makes an astonishing announcement in front of Portia (Brook Kerr) that shakes her world. Did he make improvements with rehabilitation? Does this reveal involve an entirely different subject?

Odds and Ends

Sonny (Maurice Benard) is aware that he’s an easy victim, just like mobster’s all across the country. He’s probably aware that mob boss Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) was one of the victims of this tense and deadly conflict. It’s clear the reason why the duo of Selina (Lydia Check) is working together to stop this madness one and for all. If Olivia’s gone, they’re sure they’ll be next.

While John!Jagger (Adam John. Harrington) is back in the action and is working on the mob attacks case. If he is able to declare a win and defeat Anna (Finola Hughes) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) How do you think Anna react? The new commissioner won’t be in the least bit happy with the loss.

Then, Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) have a break from the demands of being a well-known singer and business owner/surrogate, to take a romantic dinner. When you consider that Eva LaRue is about to begin appearing as Blaze’s mother in the near future, will their romantic night be interrupted?


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