General Hospital Spoilers January 23, 2024


Heather opens up to Laura, a fellow Esme Protector

How will Heather Webber manipulate the conversation when she bares all to Laura?

General Hospital spoilers from January 24, 2024, include a party, an intellectual meeting, and the possibility of a breakthrough. This episode is not to be missed.

General Hospital Spoilers January 23, 2024
Laura Collins may get a Heather-sized shock.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Esme’s biggest protectors meet for a meeting. Heather Webber, her biological mother (Alley Mills), is on one side of a table. She recently tried to assist Old Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl), meticulously plan out her revenge. Esme, however, is not a girl who plays long games. Laura (Genie France) has been a New Esme Protector ever since Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s) ex-wife had a child and was suffering from amnesia.

Laura was right to guess that Esme would be heading for her mother after Nikolas (Adam Huss), kidnapped Nikolas’ son. Heather enjoys talking to PC’s royal residents, like Laura. Will she manipulate and taunt Laura with what she knows? Will she tell Laura the truth – the whole truth – and nothing but truth? The truth can hurt as much as a lie.

Bon Voyage and Potential Breakthrough

Esme’s next stop in her desperate tour is with Dr. Kevin Collins. He puts on his shrink-cap to talk with Ace’s mother (Jay Clay and Joey Clay). Is he trying talk her into burning down: a), Port Charles, b), The World, or c), All of the Above. Whatever he says, it could be working. Teasers indicate that he seems to be able to reach his niece.

Esme’s targets are all likely to be in the same location if she wants revenge. Curtis’ (Donnell Turner’s) party is a farewell for Spencer and Trina. Ava (Maura west) is likely to be there, saying goodbye with her mentor/friend and ex-son. Curtis and Ava may have arranged extra security. Will Curtis’s party go off smoothly or end in massive fire?

Time After Time

The characters of GH will be waiting for the results this week. Curtis received his results from the experimental surgery. Kristina’s (Kate Mansi) is now close to receiving her pregnancy test result. Is the dream coming true – is the first attempt all that’s needed to have a child? Will they need to start over?

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), for a guy so intelligent, makes a lot of mistakes, particularly when it comes to Maxie (Kirsten storms). He thinks Cody’s (Josh Kelly), who is a handsome young man, has a crush on her. He hasn’t spent much time with Cody. How could he have known about Cody’s obsession with Sasha (Sofia Mattsson).

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