The Bold and the Beautiful 2nd Commentary January 28, 2024


A Critic’s Review of Bold and the Beautiful: Love Fest and Anger Fest

The opinions of the author regarding B&B are hers only hers. Be aware that everything is driven by emotion, whether it’s right or completely wrong.

The Bold and the Beautiful 2nd Commentary January 28, 2024
Wyatt Spencer, Poppy Nozawa, Ridge Forrester.

In the case of The Bold and the Beautiful each viewer has their own view – as SoapsSpoiler.Com is no different. Over the course of 5 days watched the good as well as the bad, and everything between. Here, we are leading with optimism. However, sometimes we don’t achieve what we desire. This is a summary of the B&B week that was.

What I’m Feeling this Week: Disappointed by Li and Poppy’s relationship

I’m hoping that B&B will divulge more information about Poppy (Romy Park) and Li’s (Naomi Matsuda) sisterly bond. We’re seeing a bit from their many arguments but that’s not enough.

In the case of Li what is the reason for her rage so intense? We’re never given an explanation for why she believes Poppy can cause such harm for Finn’s loved ones. There was the hospital account of Poppy working in the hospital and catching an affair with an unmarried doctor. Then what allegedly was the cause of the destruction?

In the case of Poppy Is everything Li says is accurate. I’m unable to separate from the factual arguments occasionally polarized conflicts. There’s a number of Li shouting and demanding and placing Poppy on the spot. I’m going to sit in the back and wait for the next nuance. Since I am a huge fan of each of them and think they’d make a great family to be forever when they are added to the canvas.

Are they hiding some kind of secret? Perhaps something to do with Bill (Don Diamont) being Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) father? I’m not sure. I’d love to see these violent scenes being trimmed down to let us see what the sisters really are like. Additionally, I’d like to look at Li as the sexy, three-dimensional fierce woman she was when she was fighting Jack (Ted King) or battling Sheila (Kimberlin Brown).

I’d also like an effective argument to the reasons she is trying to get Poppy as well as Luna off of Los Angeles.

Other B&B Thoughts

It’s Just Me or …: Did some of the episodes this week seem like filler? We had multiple montages. But I’m not saying that it was bad. I’m not too upset as the episodes focus specifically on Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Finn (Tanner Novlan). Also, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Hope (Annika Noelle). We also had flashbacks to recent scenes and characters sat there while they thought about the last couple of weeks. This is what I am unhappy about.

We loved it. Can We Move On? Loved Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) enjoying his time together with Eric (John McCook). He was due it after all the weeks and weeks of anger. Now, I’d like the Forrester’s universe to be able to open again.

Absolutely Feeling

Although, I’m not sure how Finn has adopted an anti-Thomas stance the thing I love is every bit of Dr. Finn love coming at him from the Forresters. I’d love for them to be reminded of this love in the event that Liam (Scott Clifton) is pursuing Steffy yet again.

Thank You Show It was an unforgettable time for me. As Bill and Liam were talking about Bill’s relationship with his girlfriend and he mentioned the fact that he was not working on a project with Katie (Heather Tom). I was really impressed by that beat. Since I was wondering what made him stop pursuing her suddenly. Can we now see what’s going on between Katie as well as Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor)?

Bring them back You should have asked this earlier but where is the world Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and Bridget (Ashley Jones)? Did they come back to their lives, but we never heard about it? Or was there something I missed? Since they vanished with no or no fanfare at all. And I enjoyed watching them with their family. They must be present for Eric’s healing.

In The Spencer universe, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) was a bit sloppy and leaving in the manner he did was disappointing, as always. I’m pleased Wyatt is no longer an “talk to” character since there hasn’t been any stories since quite some time. However, I don’t want that the B&B universe to become smaller. Let’s hope they expand the universe a little so that we have more choices and the chance to experience unexpected surprises. Why is he not around when it seems like his father is about to learn that his daughter’s name? In the course of this week, it was all people could discuss. I would like to know Wyatt’s thoughts at some point when the character is able to come back.

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