The Bold and the Beautiful 2nd News January 10, 2024


B&R Star Becomes Embroiled in an Attempted Murder Plot

A B&B performer was pulled into a soap-opera storyline.

Roxanne Doucette from Townsend, Massachusetts faces an attempted murder charge after police believe that a person claiming as Thorsten Kaye, who is Ridge the show The Bold and the Beautiful was able to convince her to kill her husband.

The Bold and the Beautiful 2nd News January 10, 2024
Bold and the Beautiful cast.

Thorsten Kaye Beware of imposters.

According to WCVB-TVs in Boston, Nicole Heath shared with police she noticed suspicious messages from her mom’s (Roxanne Doucette) phone. The texts suggested that she could have poisoned her father Paul Doucette, who was in the hospital.

According to the authorities they received a text message sent by “Thorsten” Kaye that read: “You have to get rid of your husband honey. I really need you.” Then, Roxanne Doucette, according to police reports, responded: “Making an amazing soup. A special drink. He’ll be hungry when it’s time to go. There’s enough food for him.

The follow-up email from Roxanne Doucette said: “Hubby got back not feeling well. Maybe I can get the life insurance.” She then called 911 to report that her husband was unresponsive. The man was transported to the hospital. A police report states that Paul said that the soup his wife prepared to serve him “tasted like bitter.”

Roxanne Doucette confessed to texting someone who claimed as Kaye and said she’d been conned out of $8000. Roxanne did not turn over her iPhone or iPad. When police tried to take the device into their custody, they allegedly kicked officers in the rear. She was charged with intimidating of witnesses as well as resisting arrest. She was also charged with assault and battery against the police officer. The accused is also accused of attempted murder.

“I will never poison anyone. I’m talking about dayscare in 15 years. I was a daycare that was licensed. I’ve worked in nursing and have cared for individuals,” Roxanne Doucette said. “I would not hurt anyone…[‘Thorsten’] was saying that they loved me, and they wanted me to leave my husband, but I had no intentions of leaving my husband. I am very grateful for my husband.”


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