The Bold and the Beautiful 2nd News January 26, 2024


Scott Clifton warns about a “Very Real Extremely Dangerous Problem’

The B&B actor is encouraging supporters to remain well-informed, safe and fit.

The Bold and the Beautiful 2nd News January 26, 2024
The B&B star has a warning for folks.

Scott Clifton doesn’t have a character on The Bold and the Beautiful However, there are numerous fakes are claiming to be Scott Clifton on social media. The actor has spoken out, telling his followers not to trust anyone who imitates him and not be deceived by them too. The stakes are high.

Scott Clifton: Important Message

“Well, I’m forced to speak with you about something serious that isn’t enjoyable and is not something you should Instagram because of,” Clifton began an Instagram reel. “But this is where we stand. You may remember that the last time I posted a blog post that was that was similar to this that was me talking with the camera regarding the growing imposter issue in social networks, don’t you think?

“Where is it that any know anonymous individual can…create an account, put my name on it, write the name of me on it then begin direct messages] or other forms of communication with my followers, claiming to be me, and you are catfishing them — which is, like beginning fake romantic relationships with them or presenting them with some kind of business plan and asking them for money,” the actor continues.

“[T]here are a myriad of ways my followers, as well as my followers, have been scammed. And this is not just a matter of concern only to me.” Clifton points out. “This is not a unique thing…other actors…are suffering from this as well.

It’s only getting worse.

“And in the last few days I’ve been confronted with…maybe an entire dozen actual examples from people that have…not simply committed fraud and not been slapped around and had their hearts broken, however, their lives have been devastated because of these,” Clifton laments. “We’re discussing about…giving the life savings of their loved ones or, if you will be purchasing plane tickets, abandoning their spouses, or…paying, selling their home.”

Without not mentioning Thorsten Kaye’s name, Clifton referred to the story of a man pretending as B&B’s Ridge called the woman being investigated about the poisoning of a partner. “Somebody pretending that they were one of my actors, and actually persuaded a woman try and murder the husband of her,” Clifton says. “This is everywhere in the news, and he was at the hospital. It’s good news that he’s fine. However, this does demonstrate that this problem is getting more and more frightening. This is a real and very risky issue.”

Since Clifton has alerted people to the existence of an issue, he’d like to find a way to fix the issue. He’s enlisting the help of his former wife on TV. “Annika (Noelle Hopewho is Hope’s wife] wrote an amazing letter to the authorities within CBS,” Clifton says. “They assure us that they are studying the issue however, it’s a very widespread issue that is difficult to manage and it’s unfortunate to be interfering with controversial issues like privacy and free speech. These are huge social media firms.

Scott Clifton: Finding A Way

“It’s not entirely clear how we’ll solve this problem,” says Clifton and wants to assure his fans that he will not approach his fans seeking financial rewards or to establish the personal relationships. “I’m never going to solicit money from you,” he professes. “I’m certainly not gonna…just randomly begin an intimate relationship with you through an intimate message…Please remember that, and be prepared with skepticism, as well as an understanding of how to discern fact from fiction in the social media.

“I’m doing all I can to help, but please, please take care of yourself and do not let anyone betray the vulnerable,” the actor adds. “Don’t allow them to fool you.”


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