The Bold and the Beautiful 2nd Spoilers January 26, 2024


Luna Requires answers from Her Mother

It’s about time Poppy pours out all of the B&B tea on her daughter.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday the 29th of January 2024, include Luna asking Poppy some intriguing questions about her relationship as a Dollar Bill. Will Poppy ever spill her secrets?

The Bold and the Beautiful 2nd Spoilers January 26, 2024
Luna Nozawa has questions for her mom.

Bold And the Beautiful Spoilers Highlights

RJ (Joshua Hoffman) has put a rather enthralling bug inside Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) ears, and she is unable to think about the issue. This is so much that Luna decides to sit her mother down to get at the root of what’s going on. Could this be the case? Could it be that Poppy (Romy Parks) hiding a massive secret from herself? A secret that could change her life forever?

What’s the matter?

This could be a significant moment between mom and daughter based on the way Poppy answers Luna’s inquiries. She has had a lot of history and has tried her best to keep secrets locked away with a key. If she decides that today is the day to open the vault, there could be no turning back. If there is any truth to the allegations, then that’s.

Whatever the case, we’re certain Luna isn’t stopping until she’s satisfied with her answers. Mom might not enjoy uncovering her past life prior to motherhood, but Luna will not leave until she’s got what she wants from her. Poppy would be well served by revealing the truth and let the cards fall as they will.

Father Knows the best.

While this is happening, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is asking questions to his son after figuring out Thomas has proposed the marriage to Hope (Annika Thea Noelle). How does he handle this new twist? Ridge has stated that his son is better than he is in the present, but this news can be a surprise. It’s too fast for his taste (or anyone else’s, in fact). Is he going to be able to see that his son might not have been as different as he would like to believe?

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