The Bold and the Beautiful 3rd News February 5, 2024


Heather Tom, the esteemed Daytime Emmy winner known for her role on The Bold and the Beautiful, is currently grappling with a profound and emotional loss. Her mother, Marie Tom, passed away on Sunday, February 4, leaving Heather devastated. The cause of Marie’s death remains undisclosed, adding to the family’s grief during this challenging time.

The Bold and the Beautiful 3rd News February 5, 2024
Heather Tom with her mom, Marie Tom.

In a poignant tribute shared on her Instagram account, Heather Tom poured her heart out, reflecting on her mother’s profound impact on her life and career. Alongside her brother David Tom, known for his role as ex-Billy on The Young and the Restless, and her sister Nicholle Tom from The Nanny, Heather bid farewell to her beloved mother.

Marie Tom, a woman of vibrant spirit and boundless love, left an indelible mark on those around her. Heather fondly reminisced about her mother’s zest for life, her love for music, and her penchant for hosting gatherings filled with laughter and joy. Marie believed in cherishing life’s simple pleasures, whether it was setting an exquisite table or enjoying a glass of champagne during lunch.

A cosmopolitan at heart, Marie Tom adored the vibrancy of big cities like Chicago and New York. She found solace in the arts, expressing herself through painting, drawing, and elaborate Christmas decorations. Marie’s passion extended beyond personal pursuits; she dedicated her life to helping students communicate through various mediums, leveraging her artistic talents and educational background.


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