The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary December 26, 2023


“Why Krista Allen’s Tenure as Taylor on The Bold and the Beautiful Was Predestined for Failure

The odds were never in favor of Krista Allen’s portrayal of Taylor Hayes on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Having spent two years embodying the character and earning a 2023 Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress, Krista Allen found herself abruptly ousted from the CBS soap. Regrettably, this outcome wasn’t unforeseen, as Allen and Taylor faced an uphill battle from the very beginning.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary December 26, 2023
Krista Allen as Taylor Hayes.

Krista Allen’s Transient Stint Since Hunter Tylo’s original stint as a contract player and prominent leading lady from 1990 to 2014, Taylor’s status had been downgraded to a sporadic presence. In the past nine years, she functioned as a character who materialized in town as necessary for specific plot twists. Recall the 2018-2019 storyline involving the baby Beth caper with Wayne Brady’s duplicitous Dr. Buckingham; once the plot concluded, so did her tenure on the soap.

A Shot at Redemption When Allen assumed the role in 2019, the potential for a more enduring presence seemed promising. Having signed a three-year contract, it signaled commitment both from the show and the actress. Clearly, there was a planned storyline that unfolded over two years, reigniting the Brooke vs. Taylor rivalry for Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and rekindling the Logans vs. Forresters conflict.

The Predictable Outcome Yet, in the end, Ridge’s heart could only belong to one woman, and that woman was inevitably Brooke. While Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor temporarily chose to go their separate ways as empowered single women, even becoming best friends, viewers understood this was a transient state. Ridge’s destiny always pointed back to Brooke, leaving Taylor in the lurch. With the soap failing to furnish Taylor with viable love interests outside the triangle, her fate was sealed from the outset, culminating in her exit from the show after the latest iteration of the Brooke-Ridge-Taylor triangle concluded.

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