The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 14, 2024


Everything Wrong With B&B’s Zende and Luna Mint Mixup

This storyline is not ideal.

The Bold and the Beautiful might think that it was doing something sexy when the unintentionally drugged Luna had a night out with Zende while she was attracted to RJ however the tale has become a hilarious saga.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 14, 2024
Luna and Zende have a problem.

Luna Makes the Biggest Mistake of Her Life

A poor Luna Nozawa (Lisa Yamada) was shocked by her eyes and ears when she awoke within Zende Forrester’s (Delon De Metz) mattress. She was unsure of exactly where she was, however, RJ (Joshua Hoffman) was the only one in her head. When she saw a t-shirtless Zende and realised that something had transpired she felt in a state of shock and so did the entire audience.

Luna was unsure of what was wrong with her. She didn’t feel exactly like herself when she attended Eric (John McCook) and Donna’s (Jennifer Gareis) spontaneous wedding after having a couple of drinks. After she walked into Zende’s guesthouse, helped her thirsty self with water, and then climbed into the bed of his, she noticed RJ in front of her and informed the figure that she was waiting for RJ. Of course, the person Luna believed was RJ was actually Zende and that’s where things start to get a little tricky and troubling.

Luna Did Not Consent

Even though a frightened Luna and confused Zende were both in agreement to have sex not consensual, it wasn’t, and we’re not sure the reason B&B attempts to convince we that the sex was. Luna did not realize she was engaged in sexual sex with Zende and didn’t want to be sexually involved with Zende. It’s true, Zende truly believed it was him who Luna was waiting for and did not doubt the fact that she was in bed with her for even a second.

While he did not be aware that she’d accidentally taken the drug her mother had concealed as simple chewing gum, the doctor observed a young woman who wasn’t acting as she did and appeared to be at a minimum drunk.

He could have let her drift off, and not even gotten in the bed with her, but we’re here, and this isn’t the story the show would like to tell. The twist in the tale of the story is the reality that Luna had lost her virginity the previous day. This means that Luna’s first date was with a guy she wasn’t willing to sexual relations with. This makes the situation more painful for the character.

The Race Factor

The way a character who has been around for a long time like Zende has been treated in the past couple of years, particularly these past few months, has always turned us in the wrong direction. Despite Delon’s top role as a man, Zende is mostly put on the back burner since 2021. we haven’t even gotten to know what caused his union with Nicole Avant (Reign Edwards) was dissolved.

A brief affair between Zoe Buckingham (Kiara Barnes) and a rumored connection to Paris Buckingham barely got the time of the day. We’re not certain what transpired during the relationship between Zende as well as Paris (Diamond White). At one point they were dating, but now, we think they’re not. Since the end of last year, we’ve watched the sole Black Forrester who was dismissed by his family to make way for the golden child RJ and in Black History month. We now must watch him being painted in the role of a predatory sexual character that is totally out of character and completely wrong.

What Was Done Before Does Not Fly In 2024

Although there’s nothing revolutionary to this particular storyline, considering that soaps – and B&B have provided variations in the past and we live in an entirely different world today. The #MeToo campaign has caused people to look at incidents like this as they are: sexual assaults.

It wasn’t right when the Young and the Restless’ Malcolm (Shemar Moore) had a night of sleep-in bed with Drucilla (Victoria Rowell) in the 90s, when she was high on cold medication in the 1990s and creating Lily (Christel Khalil who is currently filming for Y&R). It was not correct when the B&B’s Thomas (then played by Pierson Fode) had a sleepover with a drunk Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) in the year 2016, resulting in Douglas. Then there was the fact that Zende being a sexy partner with Luna is definitely not a good idea in 2024. Although past stories cannot be rewritten If there’s one thing that B&B ought to have known is that stories such as this shouldn’t be written ever again.


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