The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 18, 2024


A Critic’s Review of Bold and the Beautiful: Free ‘Spirits’ and Instant Regrets

The opinions of the author regarding B&B are hers her alone. It’s important to remember that everything’s built on emotions, no matter if it’s true or completely off.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 18, 2024
Poppy Nozawa, Zende Forrester Dominguez, Luna Nozawa

In the case of The Bold and the Beautiful each viewer has their own view – as SoapsSpoiler.Com is no different. Over the course of the past five days, we watched the good as well as the bad and every other thing in between. We are awestruck. However, sometimes we don’t have what we want. This is a summary of B&B’s past week that was centered around the morning following Donna and Eric’s wedding impromptu. The participants in this impromptu and improbable sex story included Luna, Zende, RJ and Poppy.

What I’m Feeling This Week: Happy Mints? Disastrous Consequences

Since Poppy (Romy Park) arrived in town, everyone has been referring to her as a “free Spirit.” However, Luna (Lisa Yamada) discovered precisely what that means this episode on B&B. The sex-related incident that happened to be a joke due to the super-strong “mints,” ignited much controversy over the issue of consent even though the characters have absolved themselves from the fact that they were part of the mess often.

It’s not how I imagined they’d make tension among RJ (Joshua Hoffman), Luna, and Zende (Delon de Metz). Now that it’s been revealed it’s evident that they had to be working really hard to make these happenings happen. Too hard. If you need to put in the effort to create drama, is that feasible?

Then, putting so much attention on the relationship. Each character was either talking regarding RJ and Luna’s romance or Poppy being a great character, a free spirit, and a loving mother. The fact that the entire week was dedicated to it left viewers with the option to study and analyze every aspect of this particular story. It was a chance.

Additionally, this type of story has been seen on daytime TV prior to. In the last issue I discussed Drucilla along with Malcolm from The Young and the Restless. However, you don’t need to go to that extent to prove your fact. This has happened a few instances before…on B&B. Why do we repeat this? What’s the reason?

To create this tale the events needed to be in sync and the audience was required to believe in various locations.

At Eric’s (John McCook) party, RJ saw Luna acting oddly. He was worried over his girl, specifically when she stated that she was exhausted and was forced to leave. But he left her at the party on her own to take an Uber. Shouldn’t he, being her partner, have driven or taken her to the airport because he was worried? That’s what RJ is likely to do. In fact, he’s been in prince charming mode since the moment the day he met Luna.

Zende who was looking at Luna sleeping in his bed, did not think for a second that something must be going on with Luna and RJ since she’s in his bed in the present? Why don’t you ask her about it?

Is the gatehouse actually situated right there? I’m not sure. I find it all too convenient for me.

How many food items were in the Luna pop? It was a lot, wasn’t it? At the same time, she is wanted to know her breath. I suspect that the impact on her breath “mints” could make her at a minimum get ill, or more.

What caused Eric suddenly to go to Zende at his gatehouse? It’s not something that has happened recently according to my memory. Eric has been great to Zende. They’re certainly family, but lately Eric’s been focused on RJ. It’s been all about RJ. Therefore, I had to believe that Eric would drop by Zende and speak to Zende about how he’s just as valued at Forrester like everyone else. Then there was that awkward conversation, where Eric demanded Zende to take care of Luna in Forrester. What?

Too. Much. Work.

What I Appreciated About the Zende/Luna Story This Week

Delon de Metz and Lisa Yamada gave their all to tell the story. I thoroughly enjoyed their performances in the morning, and then later in the day.

When Luna was able to open up to Poppy and, later realized it was the pills that sucked them in. Yamada had a blaze. From her appearance to her shabby look, she was totally successful. I liked seeing her fiery, vindictive side erupt. Particularly when she channeled her aunt Li (Naomi Matsuda). I needed to witness Luna like this because so far, we’ve seen her sweet, saccharine, can-do-and-say-no-wrong side. This shows me that there’s more to the actress and her character. I’m hoping we’ll continue with Fiery!Luna in the show goes on.

However, de Metz has the difficult task of executing the story that is likely to harm his character in every way. After he realized that Luna thought she was having a sexual relation with RJ The actor ensured that he brought Zende’s plight to the forefront. In recent times, Zende’s been all bravado and bluster. All of that was gone. We saw this man who) felt a sense of loneliness and pain after finding out that Luna did not like him in the least and believed that it was RJ all the time.) Although he maintained that he did not take advantage of Luna the thought was somewhere in his mind. De Metz killed it in the solo scenes. In fact, he even starred in a scene with McCook’s Eric.

Before that, I was on Team Poppy anytime she faced against her sister, Li (Naomi Matsuda). Li’s intense anger toward Poppy seemed harsh and unjustifiable. I knew there must be a reason behind it however, we aren’t sure. I’m starting to get interested in Li this time around and I’m happy because I was a fan of Li at first when she appeared to the screen. Li was the one who kicked Jack (Ted King) from her life due to his affair in a relationship with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). The one who went toe-to-toe Sheila.

Now, I’m beginning to see Li’s perspective on things more. I’m referring to the fact that I’d like her to deliver this message in a less snarky (and more eloquent) manner. There’s a valid reason for her Poppy anger. We hope that the show gets to the at the bottom of the drama of the sisters.

Other B&B Thoughts

Random Comments:

Please put an end to and stop the RJ and Luna supporting. Let their relationship grow and grow organically. It was even Hope (Annika Noelle) and Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) were enticed by the dialogue on the episode on Friday.

Poppy begging Luna not to reveal to RJ that something happened isn’t cool. This is a bad idea. It’s the official line of Zende as well. And speaking of which, Luna will “lose her image also?” Which decade was this? 1950s? In addition, no one anywhere in Los Angeles or the fashion world know about who Luna is. Her name will be a big deal.

Poppy Be careful with your hands Zende. Zende’s push was not well-received.

What I’d Like To see: Luna being so mad at her mother for her happy mints and the commotion it brought She decides to learn the identity of her father, which is something that Poppy has struggled against. She either suck into Li and becomes close with her and asks Li for details regarding her mom as well as her free time spent trying to discover who her father is.

Burning Question Burning Question: If B&B continues to show Diamond White in the open Does this mean that we’ll see Paris on the screen once more?

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