The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 7, 2024


This Person Is Likely Luna’s Father on Bold and the Beautiful

She wants to know who her father is.

The Bold and the Beautiful has been awash with paternity mystery puzzles throughout its run and there’s a brand new one that’s currently being developed together with Luna Nozawa. What is her dad’s name? The show has suggested the possibility that this is Bill Spencer, but the media mogul could not be his father.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 7, 2024
Luna Nowaza is without a father figure.

Luna Nozawa: Daddy-Daughter Dance

B&B has required many years (or it seems like years) to tell paternity stories. The most well-known one has been Bridget (Ashley Jones) and it began when she wasn’t born. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) wasn’t certain whether Eric (John McCook) or Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) was her baby’s father. It was unknown that Ridge was not Eric’s biological son for a long time. B&B currently has three contenders for the role of Luna’s father. Which is most likely to win?

Surprise, Surprise

Maybe Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) dad isn’t Bill (Don Diamont) or Jack (Ted King) or Finn (Tanner Novlan)? The show may pull an unexpected surprise, reveal an additional candidate and then make him Luna’s father. It would be quite shocking however it’s not possible given the show’s close-knit crew.

Finn-Tastic Idea

Finn is regarded as a possibility and is in the realm of possibility. But Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) husband appears to be not old enough to be a father of a child that is working as an intern at the college. However, in the theoretical sense it’s possible. The little Hayes could be getting older when she’s old enough. As of now, Finn’s not the father of a mature adult.

Stop The Presses

Bill could be Luna’s father because of his history as a father to Poppy (Roma Park). However, Bill cannot be the king of children he doesn’t even know about, does? The actor has learned about the older boys Liam (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks). It’s not necessary to offer Bill another child that who he doesn’t know about.

Jack Attack

There’s a good reason to bring Jack Luna’s father into the spotlight. We’d like to watch Li (Naomi Matsuda) be furious when she learns that the man, she believed in was a thief not just with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) and her sister, but also Li’s sister! It’d create Poppy lying in bed with a doctor who’s married in the hospital in which Li used to work appear like a birthday celebration.


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