The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 8, 2024


Will Bold and the Beautiful’s Zende Play Dirty to Have Luna?

How low can Zende to go?

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 8, 2024
Will Zende play dirty to get his cousin’s gal?

Zende has been open about the fact that he’s attracted to Luna and believes that she should be his partner in The Bold and the Beautiful instead of his cousin RJ. She’s made it clear that she is in love with RJ. But does that really hinder the heir to the design having the things he desires?

Charm Offensive

Zende (Delon De Metz) isn’t required to put in all the effort to take his cousin’s daughter and transform her into his own. He’s beautiful, he’s elegant and successful. What woman would not be interested in all of that? He’s also an Forrester as well! RJ (Joshua Hoffman) started the process first; however, Zende will prove he’s the ultimate prize in the eyes of Luna (Lisa Yamada). Read what she had to say on Zende in this article).

Getting Real

It might appear that Zende is trying in order to impress his friend because he thinks that he’s”the “golden child” and that’s because Zende is the only child of Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and his dear friend Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). However, it doesn’t necessarily suggest that it’s true.

Zende seemed to be feeling an intense attraction and a bond with Luna. He wanted to impress her by inviting her out for a romantic dinner with them just with them. He was shocked to discover that she was this committed to RJ since he views him as a young boy. Also, Zende can be a man ready to sweep her from her feet.

Acting Out

While it’s all well and good but the timing and the rest of Zende’s search for Luna seems…a little shrewd. If he truly cared about her she wouldn’t be making this kind of hard selling that makes her uncomfortable. His anger towards RJ is over the top. The idea of taking Luna by any means needed to get a win over RJ is more like Zende’s style of late. What if he did this? It’s almost an unavoidable fact.


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