The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 9, 2024


This Bold and the Beautiful Couple Should Go Down the Aisle Next

Eric and Donna are marriedWe’re sure we know which couple will be next.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary February 9, 2024
These two crazy kids just did it — who will be next?

Who doesn’t enjoy an unplanned wedding? The week of The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric surprised Donna with an engagement proposal and ceremony – all in one go! (As when we first were able to see her in that gorgeous white dress, we knew exactly that something was about to happen.) To to share the joy, there were three couples who are that were loving each other: Luna and RJ, Brooke and Ridge along with Katie with Carter. Each couple has their particular relationship, but who’s looking to follow the footsteps of Donna and Eric’s footsteps and get married? We’re hunting at the couples with the longest and winding story, Brooke and Ridge.

Brooke and Ridge’s Lasting Love

Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) have been married numerous times — exactly eight times (!) so many times that it’s difficult to recall if they’re engaged or not. Sure “Bridge” is currently in an extremely romantic phase, as they were reunited on the bridge that was built in Italy. It’s not to suggest that Ridge isn’t rival to his father and his dad, but with the fact that Eric got married to Donna (again) and is now married to Donna (again), it could be a catalyst for Ridge to get married to Brooke.

It would be wonderful to see this tense couple be happy before the next hurdle gets to their way. Their divergent opinions on the relationship between Hope (Annika Norelle) as well as Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) could be a major issue in their renewed love affair. Aren’t they able to walk their wedding first? We love watching B&B’s lead lady Brooke in all her creative wedding day entryways. Perhaps there is nothing like the way she rode to the wedding on horseback in 1994 We are certain the creators will create a unique and amazing method to invite Brooke as well as Ridge to tie the knot.

Competing Couples

However, it is possible that the scriptwriters could take another direction and lead another of B&B’s glistening couples to the altar. Luna (Lisa Yamada) and RJ (Joshua Hoffman) recently ended their marriage, which means it’s likely to be very soon for the young lovers to get married. Katie (Heather Tom) and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) have barely any airtime and their relationship is lacking passion, so we don’t expect to see this happening. Poppy (Romy Park) and Bill (Don Diamont) have a chemistry however they’ve only gone on a couple of dates. Hope cannot provide Thomas any response to Thomas’ request which is why a marriage soon is unlikely.

The couple that can give Bridge a run for his time could be Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) and Deacon (Sean Kanan). We’ve been absent from their canvas for quite a while. Imagine their relationship. Sheila as well as Deacon are enjoying a sexy kisses and sweet moments between. A wild, Las Vegas wedding would be the perfect event and would be a delight to viewers. In light of the little we’ve witnessed of their weddings, it’s an idea to consider in the future.

Brooke has recently experienced a harrowing of an experience during the time that Ridge picked Taylor (Krista Allen) over her. We were able to enjoy a wonderful Bridge reconnect, though did not get the full joy of watching them marry. We’re hoping now is the right time to plan a grand wedding ceremony in honor of Brooke and Ridge and a long-lasting marriage that will last.


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