The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 11, 2024


Does B&B’s Finn see Hope Logan as a Friendship or something more?

Is B&B’s Finn getting smitten by his lover’s wife?

We are aware that the Bold and Beautiful’s Finn is happily married to Steffy. He seems to be obsessed with safeguarding Hope Logan from his wife’s brother even if it might cause a problem for his marriage. Is this just Finn’s knight-in-shining-armor instincts kicking in for any damsel in distress or could he have feelings for Hope?

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 11, 2024
Does Finn feel more than friendship for B&B’s Hope?

Hope Logan Deserves Better

Finn (Tanner Novlan) has had a significant intimate time in the company of Hope (Annika Noelle) recently. Before Xander (Adain Bradley) accuses Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) of murder, the sexy doctor said to Hope that she was just too perfect for Thomas. Finn understood Hope’s pain of being second in the game in the marriage of Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) when she got married with Liam (Scott Clifton). Finn even advised her to seek out a woman-only man in someone else, besides Thomas.

Finn continued to inform Hope the special woman she is stunning, beautiful, and smart. He also told her that she’s similar to his mother. Li (Naomi Matsuda) is smart beautiful, successful woman that needs protection as well.

Pushing Boundaries

Finn’s praises could be a way to express an admiration and respect for Hope. One can imagine what Steffy might react in the event that she witnessed their exchange, however. If Steffy discovered that Hope just had an exchange about her marriage, she immediately became a bit territorial. If Steffy was to see the list of praises Finn awarded her adversary, she would not be happy — and she would be sure to make her displeasure clear.

With the accusation of murder against Thomas Finn’s obligation to defend Hope has definitely gone one step further. Is he ignoring Steffy’s feelings during the process? Instead of ignoring his wife’s brother in order to maintain the peace in their union, Finn flat-out threatened Thomas. This will surely become an issue between them.

Finn To the Rescue

If Finn was to feel a love for Hope the girl could bring the same kind in energy that his wife. While Steffy is assertive and bossy, Finn might feel like more like an alpha male, with the more relaxed and attentive Hope.

The two seem to have a good conversation and the mutual respect is evident. If there’s chemistry, it is yet to be determined. Do you have any thoughts of the possibility of a Finn pair with Hope?

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