The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 14, 2024


Are the B&B’s Liam Spencer Sacrifice His Love to Steffy to save Hope?

Liam is able to influence Hope Logan’s future.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 14, 2024
Liam could make a move to break Thomas and Hope up for good.

Liam Spencer isn’t happy that his ex-wife Hope wears Thomas’s ring on her neck during Bold and the Beautiful. Hope doesn’t care about Liam’s view, however because he’s got affection for Steffy. She’s seeking a partner who’s totally committed to her. In the present, Liam is not that man.

Liam Spencer: Supreme Sacrifice

Liam has an attraction to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) as shown through the kisses he shared with Steffy last year. The one following the sight of Hope getting kisses from Thomas (Matthew Atkinson). Hope got an insight that Liam is always the love of Steffy.

Why should she not have an individual who is completely dedicated to her? It’s all true but it doesn’t necessarily suggest that Thomas is the best choice for Hope also. Liam could be required to sever ties with Steffy to keep Hope out of the evil one.

No Brainer!

Liam might as well inform Hope she’s not his future. Steffy isn’t his next choice. She is in love with Finn (Tanner Novlan). Liam (Scott Clifton) has nothing to lose, so should he do the right thing and save Hope from the man who betrayed her and used his son to influence Hope? Does Liam the right person to save Hope? Perhaps maybe not. However, Liam thinks Thomas certainly isn’t.

Being Having It All

Liam will have a craving for his cake and eat it as well (though sincere it’s not worth eating cake if you’re not able to consume it?). Liam will scold Hope about Thomas and continue to make accusations that he’s a bad guy until Hope accepts his apology. Liam will continue to harass Hope until he’s able to get what he desires. If Thomas is not on his best behavior, Liam will be there to expose his mistakes until Hope is defeated and throws the boy out of her life.

Future Imperfect

Liam might be able to make Hope believe that he’s about to rid himself of Steffy and this could cause Hope to offer him a second chance. We’re assuming that in the event that Liam decides that he’d like Steffy back, he’ll take off and stay by Steffy’s at her side. This will cause Hope to fend for herself for a second time.

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