The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 18, 2024


who is B&B’s Hope Logan Really Loves; Sorry but It’s Liam

Hope isn’t out of the loss of her B&B ex-husband. We’re not so sure she’s doing it right.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 18, 2024
Is Liam Spencer still it for Hope?

On this week’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful We hear Hope Logan professing her feelings for the new and better Thomas once more. She is still adamant following Thomas’s revelation that he was on the scene of the murder when Emma Barber died. She uses many mental health phrases such as “Thomas doing his part” to demonstrate that he has transformed. What we don’t hear — despite the heavy ring that hangs from a chain on her neck that “L” term. This is because Hope remains in love with Liam.

Hope Logan 2.0

After her shaky split of Liam (Scott Clifton), Hope (Annika Noelle) is on a quest to prove that she is a unique woman. She cut off her flowing locks. She has a dangerous relationship in a relationship with Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) an individual of unreliable personality. Hope isn’t a listener to Brooke’s concerns Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang. She definitely won’t pay attention to Liam.

Hope’s desire to live her life the way she wants to is a little like that of the rebellious teenage. The more that everyone around her warns her about the entanglement with Thomas and the more she will defend Thomas. Imagine if her inner circle wasn’t so vocal about Thomas. If they were to say, “He’s great, snatch him up before you lose him!” Would she be so passionately committed to Thomas? Hmm.

Liam’s Hope’s Return to Liam

The Underneath Hope’s “newfound confidence in herself” appears to be an overwhelming amount of grief over her split with Liam. If Liam appears at the cabin when she’s getting ready to meet Thomas, the situation is clear to be seen. If Hope was really going about her life in a rational manner, she’d feel a little guilty for her ex-boyfriend seeing her in lingerie with a different man. In reality, Hope almost taunts Liam with the idea, as if it’s a way to make her feel like a second-class citizen for Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). It’s clear that her feelings toward Liam are not yet being resolved. It’s still a look like an unresolved wound.

Liam caused Hope to suffer emotional distress during their relationship. However, Hope didn’t have to be worried about Liam’s mental state or contributing to the death of her friend. There’s a nagging thought in Hope’s head, she’s to be worried about Thomas’s part as a factor in Emma being killed. It’s not like Thomas is hiding from the truth that Beth still existed, but we aren’t able to comprehend the way she escaped.

Hope’s fascination with Thomas isn’t a sign of Thomas himself. It’s or it’s concerned with making Liam feel like a second-class citizen or Thomas offering Hope the same thing that Liam did not. Sorry Thomas fans and fans of Hope the story is still about Liam.

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