The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 21, 2024


Move Over Steffy and Hope — Liam Spencer Finds a Brand New Love

Liam Spencer has a new woman on his arm, and he’s likely regret it!

Steffy is currently with Finn; Hope is with Thomas the two are not interested in Liam Spencer in their romantic lives in any way as seen on The Bold and the Beautiful. It’s high time he realized it and gets forward with his life. We expect that to be happening soon. And when it does, all of our lives could be in turmoil.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 21, 2024
Will Liam do this next on B&B?

Liam Spencer Romances the Wrong Woman

Liam (Scott Clifton) finally realizes the message and decides that it’s time that he meets love. So, it’s what every other millennial male would do and downloads a dating application or two. His profile is attractive, talented and is the heir to an enormous fortune, so it’s no surprise that he’s taken care of quickly!

Unlucky In Love

This is great, isn’t it? This is awesome! He goes out for a night and goes on several dates. One woman that draws his attention. This beautiful lady can be the best thing Liam could ever wish for. Loving. Caring. Gorgeous. Vegan. He loves everything about it. But there’s a side that’s similar to what he’s used to.

Does he recognize her from someplace? He’s unable to pinpoint her, but he’s certain she’s been around at some point in the past. But he’s determined not to dwell on it but. He’s off for a new beginning and this is what feels right. It’s at least it’s right enough. It’s a shame he can’t be more than a little off.

A Dangerous Twist!

In the end, this beautiful-looking girl is not at all what she appears to be. She’s a traumatized mom who lost her infant on Catalina Island the night Liam and Hope (Annika Noelle) suffered their faked-out death. And she’s convinced that the tiny girl living in the cabin is her baby girl!

It was just a stroke of luck to come upon Liam’s profile, and she decided to take advantage of the opportunity and run through it! She’ll stay nice for however long she can get Liam to let her be with her daughter Beth. Once he’s done that the worst happens when she leaves with the sweet girl and runs to the police!

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