The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 22, 2024


Has Thomas Forrester Derailed His Chances for a Future with Hope?

Thomas would like Hope Logan, but he might not be open with Hope Logan.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 22, 2024
Does this B&B couple have a future?

Thomas Forrestear has done much to get back on track after his time in The Bold and the Beautiful. Thomas Forrester has nothing more other than a happy future in love with Hope Logan. Will he achieve that by being honest with Hope Logan or has he destroyed his chances due to being too transparent?

Thomas Forrester: No Hope for the Future

Thomas has been working on himself and changed his outlook. What else does he have to accomplish be able to prove Hope (Annika Noelle) that Thomas is the perfect woman for her? He may want to reconsider his honesty, despite the fact that Hope is adamant about people being honest. A good lie will not get you anywhere as doing the right thing will…sometimes.

Best Scenario

Thomas revealed his truths to Hope and felt he had to be totally transparent to her if they were to have any chance of having a future together. Thomas admitted Hoping that Thomas was present at the time Emma (Nia Sioux) went to the grave early and that he was unable to aid her friend. Hope was able to hear it all, and, while she took some time to process the incident however, it is likely that she’ll ultimately accept him as she wants to be able to live a happy life with Thomas.

Time Delay

However, Hope is nice but she’s not a great pushover. She’ll try to push Thomas away, now since she’s a pro. At some point she’ll be able to forgive him once she’s calmed. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) has apologized to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) more times than she cares to recall. If Brooke is able to forgive Ridge, she can forgive Ridge. Hope will be able to forgive Thomas. Thomas doesn’t have to worry. Thomas Hope and Thomas Hope will be good.

See You Later

There is an absolute line that nobody should cross. Being accountable for the death of someone else isn’t something you should return from. Hope may one day realize that Thomas isn’t going to alter his ways. Thomas has been doing an excellent job convincing people. But the truth is that people have their own identity. Thomas is a bad person and Hope will see this.

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