The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 24, 2024


Will Brooke Logan ever accept Thomas Forrester into her life?

Will Brooke ever get along with Thomas Forrester?

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 24, 2024
Brooke Logan will think twice before giving Thomas a chance.

Brooke Logan battled for years on Bold and the Beautiful to gain the approval of Stephanie, her mother-in law. Thomas Forrester, can he do the same? Thomas Forrester is still unable to convince Brooke that he has changed.

Brooke Logan, Mother-in law: May I please?

Thomas faces a steep battle in winning Brooke’s affection. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Thomas’s ex-stepmother, knows Thomas better than anyone. Thomas and Hope (Annika Nelle) are able to make it on their own without the support of family. Wouldn’t it be great to have family support? This could unfold in a number of different ways. Some scenarios are more likely than others.

Open Heart

Brooke is the only person who can truly appreciate a story of a starcrossed love. She has stuck to her conviction that Ridge (Thorsten KAYE) is the right man for her, even though many women would have fled. Brooke will eventually realize that Thomas and Hope (Matthew Atkinson), are each other’s destiny. Brooke will eventually accept Thomas.

The Endgame and E is for Emma

Brooke is a very forgiving person. She has forgiven Ridge all the times that he chose other women (Caroline and Taylor) over her, as well as Ridge pretending to love her in order for her to break up with Thorne. She’ll never forgive Thomas, once she learns the role he had in Emma’s (Nia Snioux) vehicular murder. Emma would probably still be alive if Thomas hadn’t chased her.

No Hope for Thomas’s Future

Brooke hasn’t trusted Thomas since he betrayed after the hallucinogenic encounter they had on the island where they crashed-landed. Emma’s presence and Thomas’ call to Child Protective Services that shattered Ridge and Brooke’s relationship are also factors in Brooke not trusting Thomas.

The Bold and the Beautiful is broadcast on CBS weekdays. Check out the B&B Spoilers for more information about Los Angeles.


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