The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 25, 2024


Does Li Finnegan need to back off of Poppy regarding B&B?

Li’s battle with Poppy might tarnish her image.

The Bold and the Beautiful Commentary January 25, 2024
Will Li ever approve of her B&B sister?

Li Finnegan’s worst fears have turned into a reality the show The Bold and the Beautiful. Not only is it that her sister Poppy arrived without announcing her presence however, but she’s also married to the wealthiest man in the world, Bill Spencer. This is a confirmation of Li’s claim of Poppy is nothing more than a gold digger who is not worth the trouble. We don’t know yet if Poppy truly is shallow and conniving. Whatever the case whether she’s a conniving and shallow person, is Li be entitled to drag Poppy about or does she justified in defending her own turf?

Li Finnegan vs. Poppy

Li (Naomi Matsuda) and Poppy (Romy Park) seem to have a complicated sibling’s relationship, at the very least. She is blamed by Poppy to have an affair with the doctor she married in the hospital they worked at and resulting in her being fired. Li also transferred a lot her insecurity about not being able to birth an infant onto Poppy.

In a heartbreaking one-on-one session with her sister, she reminisced about her frustration that Poppy effortlessly fell pregnant with Luna (Lisa Yamada) but she was unable to. Li’s pain was evident and her comparison to Poppy just made her feel even more. If Li appears to be suffocated with womb envy it’s difficult to believe her claims regarding Poppy. Are her assertions true or is she simply insecure about her sister?

On her own, Poppy has not hurled any criticisms back towards Li. She acknowledged that she felt inadequate in comparison to Li, but it did not seem to hurt her or affect her self-esteem. The depiction of these sisters perpetuates stereotypes about women. Li the professional woman, is an empty woman who isn’t able to bear children. Poppy who is the glamster is happier doing her thing with a thin work-related resume and the assistance of rich men. It is great to see these two siblings presented in a more rounded and less negative manner.

Sisters at War

But Li isn’t necessarily helping her cause by fighting against Poppy. When she tried to inform Finn (Tanner Novlan) about Poppy’s past blunders but all she accomplished was cause her son to be uncomfortable talking of her sibling’s “appetites” for wealthy men. If she keeps telling Poppy to get out of town the circle that she is in with Luna, RJ (Joshua Hoffman) along with Bill (Don Diamont) might have a negative opinion of Li. It doesn’t do much for her credibility as a doctor, nor her standing within the community.

In trying to defend herself from Poppy, Li may wind end up shooting herself in the foot in the department of public image. What is the best chance for such a brilliant and accomplished woman? Perhaps locate her a companion so she doesn’t be a slave to her sister?

The Bold and the Beautiful airs on weekdays on CBS. To find out more information on what’s happening on the horizon in Los Angeles, check out the most up-to-date blog posts about spoilers from B&B.


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